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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey close to exit

Jack Dorsey plans to step down as CEO of Twitter, according to a CNBC report citing sources.

Jack Dorsey set to step down as Twitter CEO ” short term “, according to CNBC’s David Faber, who quoted ” a number of different people with knowledge of the situation ”.

Faber said he does ” didn’t know much else ” beyond that and that he did not know who might be called upon to replace him.

Originally created in a NYU dorm as a messaging app, Twitter has grown to become one of the internet’s most popular and influential sites, but has recently come under fire for the uncontrolled spread of disinformation.

Dorsey has been CEO of Twitter since 2015. Initially, the Twitter board did not want Dorsey to run the company. The businessman is the CEO of Square, and the board members felt that running Twitter should be a full-time job.

But after serving as interim CEO for several months, he finally convinced them. This is Dorsey’s second term as CEO, after briefly serving in that role in 2007, shortly after the company was founded and before being kicked out in 2008.

Dorsey turned her attention to technology beyond the core of Twitter. He tweets a lot about Bitcoin, Web3, and other decentralized technologies. Plus, he’s still the CEO of Square. Last night Dorsey simply tweeted: “I like Twitter”.

I love twitter

– jack⚡️ (@jack) November 28, 2021

At the announcement of this information, the action of Twitter jumped 3.48% at the opening of Wall Street.




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