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Twitter: better than expected results, more than 200 million active users

Twitter posted second quarter net profit and better than analysts’ expected revenue, while also doing slightly better than expected on the key figure for active users, who now number 206 million.

Seduced by this announcement, the market reacted positively, the title gaining 4.64% in electronic exchanges after the close of Wall Street.

The number of daily users said to be “monetizable”, that is to say those who are exposed to advertisements on the platform, grew by 7 million from one quarter to the next, to reach 206 million at the end of June, when the market expected 205.9 million.

The blue bird group attributes, among other things, this progress to technical improvements that allow users to be more oriented towards the content and subjects that interest them, in particular thanks to “Topics”, tweets classified by major theme.

Often criticized for the tone of certain exchanges and the circulation of hateful comments, Twitter says it has improved its ability to detect messages with strong or foul language.

Twitter also recorded a sharp increase in advertising revenue, 17% compared to the previous quarter, and almost doubled compared to the same period last year (+ 87%), to $ 1.05 billion.

The social network explained, in part, this performance by improving its advertising targeting tools and the tools available to advertisers around video.

“User growth may continue to slow because the base is already large, but we can expect another strong ad revenue growth in the next quarter,” commented Nazmul Islam, analyst at eMarketer.

In total, revenue reached $ 1.19 billion, against 1.06 expected, while net income per share reached 8 cents, against 7 expected by the market.




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