Tump super fan comes first in Argentina’s primary vote

Tump super fan comes first in Argentina’s primary vote

Argentina’s political landscape witnessed a seismic shift as 52-year-old anti-establishment candidate Javier Milei emerged victorious in the primary elections, unsettling the traditional order and pushing the Argentine peso into a rapid decline.

The surprising outcome positions Milei as a formidable contender for the presidency, as he garnered around 30% of the total vote, challenging the status quo of mainstream political coalitions that have alternated power over the past decade.

Milei’s radical proposals, including replacing the peso with the dollar, abolishing the Central Bank, and advocating for the legalization of the sale of human organs, resonated with a substantial portion of voters disillusioned by Argentina’s economic turmoil, rampant inflation exceeding 100%, and increasing poverty rates.

The fervent supporter of former President Donald Trump vows to dismantle the “parasitic, corrupt, and useless political caste” in pursuit of a transformed Argentina.

Milei’s victory prompted a 20% devaluation of the peso and a 12% drop in the blue market.

His resounding success underscores a global trend of voters opting for outsider candidates to voice their dissatisfaction with conventional politics. With the challenge of securing an additional 15% of the nation’s votes, Milei’s surge disrupts expectations and ushers in an era of political unpredictability in Argentina.


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