“True seekers will respond:” Christian relief teams deliver scripture, spiritual guidance to earthquake victims

“True seekers will respond:” Christian relief teams deliver scripture, spiritual guidance to earthquake victims

While Morocco reels from the earthquake’s impact, Christian groups, despite facing legal limitations, said they are providing relief and spiritual guidance to the affected communities.

According to an article titled “Sowing Gospel hope in the hard ground of Morocco’s quake zone,” published on Mission Network News, Trans World Radio (TWR) has been involved in providing “spiritual support” to the victims of the earthquake.

The article states that “Trans World Radio (TWR) is in the quake zone offering encouragement through Scripture on SD cards.”

TWR’s Arabic Ministries Director, Brother N, was quoted saying “You cannot really bring hope to a lady who has lost a child or husband or a loved one by your own strength. You need the work of the Holy Spirit. You need the Word of God, the Word of truth to speak to people.” 

The same source added “our role is just to make this Word of God available to them in such situations in the language and context that they can read, understand, and listen; and ultimately, those true seekers will respond.” 

Another article highlighted the collaborative efforts of local and foreign Christians to alleviate the suffering caused by the earthquake. 

Various Christian groups, including the 36-member Union of Christian Churches are providing essential supplies and “spiritual support” to the victims. 

Youssef Ahmed, a senior member of Tangier Northern Church and the founder of the Union of Christian Churches in 2010, headed south with supplies, intending to help isolated villages in the Atlas Mountains, but roadblocks restricted their access. 

The congregants then went to Marrakesh’s Jemaa al-Fnaa Square, where they joined Moroccans and tourists in distributing water and blankets to those seeking refuge from aftershocks.

The senior member said that the Protestant churches in Tangiers, Casablanca, and Marrakesh have come together in the collective endeavor to help those affected. 

According to the article, People in Mission International (PMI), a Latin American agency active in Muslim nations, has established a base camp to distribute emergency supplies while fundraising for displaced individuals. 

The PMI field coordinator, who requested anonymity in line with agency policy, said, “We are trying to be the hands and feet of Jesus, to incarnate his love, and in support of the church, day by day we are seeing more unity as expats and local believers work together.”

However, the church cannot engage in official relief efforts independently due to its lack of registration. 

Another Moroccan Christian association, Al Yassamine, provided aid in the name of their organization due to their inability to do so in the name of the church.

Mustafa Soussi, founder of Al Yassamine in 2007, and a former Islamist activist, travelled with his team and distributed essential supplies, prioritizing remote areas not yet reached by government or other aid agencies. 

Unlike some fellow Christians, Al Yassamine is officially registered, granting them the legal capacity to assist earthquake victims.

“We can’t conduct earthquake relief efforts in the church’s name, but as an association, we have the legal right to help those affected,” Soussi explained.

The Moroccan Association of Human Rights approximates 25,000 Christian citizens within the country, as reported by the US State Department.


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