Triple distinction for Casablanca Mohammed V airport by the ACI

The Airports Council International (ACI) awarded Casablanca Mohammed V airport three prizes on Monday, for best African airport in 2022, for the airport with the most dedicated staff in Africa and for the airport of Africa where the course is the easiest.

This ASQ/ACI (Airport Service Quality) ranking for the year 2022, based on the vote of passengers, rewards the quality of service offered at airports in different regions of the world.

A press release from the National Airports Office (ONDA) indicates that for the African region, Casablanca Mohammed V airport has been named the best African airport, in the category of airports receiving annual air traffic between 5 and 15 million passengers.

According to the Office, the ASQ survey for the year 2022 was carried out by surveying around 465,000 passengers, across 283 airports around the world. For Casablanca Mohammed V airport, more than 2,000 passengers were surveyed throughout 2022.

This triple distinction testifies to the mobilization and the continuous efforts deployed, every day, by the airport community, as a whole, to improve the passenger experience within the first airport platform in the Kingdom, which has welcomed more than 7 .6 million passengers in 2022, added the same source.

These efforts are the result of a deliberate and thoughtful approach to continuous improvement of the quality of services, as included in ONDA’s transformation plan “Envol 25”. This approach was reinforced this year by several actions that had a direct impact on the passenger experience.

For Habiba Laklalech, Director General of ONDA, “These results reward the exemplary involvement and unfailing commitment of all the stakeholders, to whom I pay a heartfelt tribute. We are all determined to include Mohammed V airport in the top 100 of the best airports in the world”.

For his part, Luis Felipe de Oliveira, General Manager of ACI, considered that “Placing the traveler at the center of priorities is more important than ever, and it is the way forward. We are proud of the Casablanca Mohammed V airport team for winning these awards. This proves that the entire airport community has mobilized to give priority to the passenger”.

Casablanca Mohammed V airport will receive the trophies corresponding to these awards during the opening ceremony of the “Customer Experience Global Summit” which will take place in Incheon, South Korea from September 4 to 7, 2023.


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