Training: Partnership agreement between UIC and BVC

The International University of Casablanca (UIC) and the Casablanca Stock Exchange (BVC), have recently sealed a partnership agreement, relating to training.

This merger, which is part of the partnership agreement between the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation and the Casablanca Stock Exchange, underlines a statement from the UIC, reflects the will of the two organizations to put in place an adequate and favorable framework for the development of partnership relations between UIC and its Business School (Faculty of Commerce and Management) with the stock market.

The agreement was signed during a ceremony which saw the participation of the Rector of the UIC, Mounir Tantaoui Laraki, the Pedagogical Director of the Business School (Faculty of Commerce and Management) of the UIC, Mohamed Barnia and the Managing Director of the Casablanca Stock Exchange, Tarik Senhaji.

This agreement, which seals the relationship between UIC and the Casablanca Stock Exchange, reflects a common awareness of the importance of close collaboration between the academic world and the economic environment for the benefit of successful student training. In this perspective, the Stock Exchange being a space where data and regular reports abound reflecting the economic reality of Moroccan companies, it constitutes an appropriate opportunity for study and learning for the benefit of the university environment.

On this occasion, Tantaoui Laraki, highlighted the importance of the role played by the Casablanca Stock Exchange for the development of the Moroccan economy and access to business financing. He also highlighted the importance of signing such an agreement for teaching students stock market techniques and the functioning of financial markets in Morocco and abroad.

For his part, Tarik Senhaji stressed the importance for students to complete their academic training with a better knowledge of the professional environment. He noted the usefulness of taking an interest in companies listed on the Casablanca Stock Exchange, as excellent means to better understand the sectors and activities that make up the economy of Morocco today.

This ceremony allowed the two parties to engage in discussions on the future of their collaboration and on the actions to be taken quickly to achieve the objectives of the said agreement, notes the UIC. At the end of the ceremony, three UIC students who had obtained the CISI “Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment” certificate gave their testimonies on the importance of this certification and received congratulations from the heads of the two institutions, adds the press release, recalling that the UIC offers the only examination center in Casablanca for obtaining this Certificate.



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