towards the extension of the Casablanca plant

The manufacturer of advanced composite materials for the aeronautics sector, Hexcel, announced on Wednesday the extension of its Casablanca plant, located within the MidParc free zone.

At the end of the site extension project, which should be finalized in early 2023, the site’s production area will double to 24,000 m² and the number of employees is expected to increase from 120 people to more than 400 employees. ‘an official visit to this factory. Concerned about the environmental impact, Hexcel will equip this new extension with solar panels in order to limit its carbon footprint. Despite the context of the health crisis linked to the pandemic of the new coronavirus (covid-19), Hexcel is maintaining its investment momentum and is preparing for a resumption of civil aeronautics, in particular the production of medium-haul aircraft. Hexcel thus continues to strengthen and diversify its supply chain globally to meet demand.

“Hexcel is now confirming its choice to invest in Morocco, like many aeronautics players like our neighbors and Midparc customers”, declared on this occasion, Thierry Merlot, President of the Aeronautics division. Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa & Industry at Hexcel.

And to add that: “the very successful establishment of Hexcel, the qualification of the workforce, the support of the State and the proximity of our customers were real assets to launch this extension of our site of Casablanca ”.

For his part, the Director General of Industry at the Ministry of Industry, Trade and the Green and Digital Economy, Ali Seddiki, stressed that this extension testifies to the resilience of the national aeronautics sector and reinforces the positioning of the Morocco on the highest world aeronautical technologies.

Composite materials are materials of the future for Aeronautics, considering their lightness and their contribution to fuel economy, added the official, noting that they align with the global strategy of decarbonization of world aviation.

“Morocco was chosen for this extension, which shows once again that under the enlightened Vision of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Morocco will remain a major player in the global aeronautical ecosystems”, argued Mr. Seddiki.

In its Casablanca plant, which opened the site in 2018, Hexcel transforms lightweight honeycomb materials into “engineered core” machined parts to strengthen structures in the aeronautics sector, more particularly for aircraft structures, Engine nacelles and helicopter blades.

Hexcel Corporation is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high performance composite materials. It develops, manufactures and markets high performance lightweight structural materials used, in particular, by the commercial aeronautics, space and defense industries, as well as in various industrial applications.



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