Towards electronic management of the taxi sector

Towards electronic management of the taxi sector

A meeting was held recently in the prefecture of M’diq-Fnideq, with a view to examining the means of modernizing the management of the taxi sector (first and second categories) in the prefecture, through the transition to a system electronic management.

This meeting, chaired by the governor of the prefecture of M’diq-Fnideq, Yassine Jari, in the presence of representatives of the provincial and security authorities, and of the local authorities, made it possible to determine the procedural steps to be followed to ensure the and regulation of the taxi industry and adopt modern electronic document management.

The participants thus examined the measures needed to activate and accelerate the transition to biometric trust permits.

It was decided to continue the operation of printing biometric trust permits and to ensure their delivery to professionals in the sector as soon as possible, as well as to train national security officials at the taxi check-in desks. and to launch the system of biometric trust permits, while temporarily maintaining the paper register as a transitional step.

The participants also called on local and security authorities, and local authorities to support and accompany this operation, and to mobilize professionals to join this project.

It should be noted that the prefectural authorities of M’diq-Fnideq took, several months ago, a series of measures aimed at regulating and upgrading the taxi sector. To this end, two decisions were published last January, namely the regulation of taxi permits, and the upgrading and equipping of taxi check-in desks in M’diq, Fnideq and Martil.

This operation is part of the alignment of the procedures in force for the management of the taxi sector with the provisions of Law 55-19 relating to the simplification of administrative procedures and formalities.


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