Towards an easing of travel conditions?

Mustapha Baitas, official government spokesman, hinted that it was possible to change travel conditions in Morocco soon.

During the press conference following the last government council, Baitas said that these conditions could change soon, in response to a question about the possibility of canceling the requirement of the PCR test for entry into the country.

“Soon there will be news on this matter “, he asserted, adding that “ the epidemiological situation is improving”and“The government is studying the issue seriously and realistically”.

Travel conditions in Morocco raise many questions, particularly by air which requires a PCR test and the vaccination pass, while arrival by sea has the choice between the two.

In this context, Said Afif, member of the Covid-19 vaccination committee, said that from a scientific point of view, there is no justification for maintaining the conditions of vaccination pass and PCR for those arriving by plane, and for those arriving by sea.

Contacted by MoroccoLatestNews, Afif believes that “to encourage tourists, and even Moroccans around the world, to come, more flexibility is needed, especially since the epidemiological situation now allows it” .

The same speaker questioned the feasibility of imposing a PCR examination, saying that the issue weighs on families, especially those with large numbers.

“It can only be imposed on those who come from countries with a difficult epidemiological situation, such as China, while there is no justification for imposing it on those who come from other countries”,he added.

Many actors in tourist events insist on the need to remove the PCR test to enter Moroccan national territory, considering the issue financially costly and psychologically frustrating for tourists and the community.

Tourism authorities in Morocco are continuing governmental and parliamentary discussions in this regard, in particular with ministers and deputies expressing their support for the step of removing the PCR and limiting the authorization of vaccination at various crossing points. in the country.

In addition, the Minister of Transport and Logistics, Mohamed Abdeljalil, had previously accepted parliamentary requests to abolish the PCR test in Moroccan airports and ports for the community and travelers coming from abroad.

Abdeljalil stressed, during a session of oral questions in the House of Representatives, that the decision is governmental and is not linked to the Ministry of Transport and Logistics.



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