Towards an acquisition of the F-35?

Towards an acquisition of the F-35?

Several sources have hinted at a possible modernization of the Royal Air Force (FRA) arsenal, through the acquisition of fifth-generation F-35 fighter jets from the United States, taking advantage of the increased cooperation between Rabat and Tel Aviv.

In December 2021, various media had reported that Morocco would have expressed its interest in acquiring the American F-35 fighter jets, and would also have sought the mediation of Israel with the Biden Administration in order to obtain authorization for the sale of these stealth fighter aircraft to the Royal Armed Forces.

So far, this powerful aircraft has only been sold to four non-Western countries, namely South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Israel, specifies the specialized site Bulgarianmilitary.

The same source recalls that in November 2021, a decisive meeting took place between the Israeli Minister of Defense, Benjamin “Benny” Gantz, and the Minister Delegate in charge of National Defense Administration, Abdellatif Loudiyi, during which the two countries reinforced their defense agreements and discussed Morocco’s interest in acquiring the F-35s with the help of Israel.

According to Bulgarianmilitary, relations between Israel and the United States play a significant role in influencing arms export policies to the Arab world. Morocco, like Jordan, is one of the Arab countries that has established strategic defense cooperation with Tel Aviv. This cooperation has greatly contributed to the strengthening of the Moroccan military arsenal, including the acquisition of many advanced equipment and technologies, such as drones, missile launchers, missiles, among others.

For Hicham Mouatadid, political scientist and research adviser in international affairs, the willingness of the United States to provide the Royal Moroccan Army with F-35 fighter jets stems from their desire to strengthen military cooperation with Rabat and consolidate the strategic defense and security partnership with Morocco, as part of their common roadmap.

He pointed out that the confidence of the American administration in the institutions of the Moroccan state and the credibility of the Moroccan army, as well as the position of the Moroccan air force at the regional and continental level, are factors that convinced American officials to support the supply of fighter jets to the FRA.

Obtaining this type of aircraft will not only allow Morocco to be the first African country to receive the latest models of fighter aircraft produced by American industry in this category, but it will also allow Moroccan military personnel specialized in piloting fighters to join the international minority of armies who manage and own this type of aircraft.“, explains the political scientist.

The expert also notes that the acquisition of these aircraft will certainly reinforce the strategic advantage of the Moroccan army in the region and will undoubtedly have an impact on the military balances in place, given that the Moroccan air force has always been the vital pivot and the source of force of the FAR on the ground in the face of various combative and military challenges.

According to Mouatadid, the supply of this type of aircraft will allow the Moroccan Air Force to update its strategic plans and tactical maneuvers, in addition to creating a new vision in its management operations“.


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