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Towards a School-Parent contractual system

The payment of school fees for the month of July has placed private schools and parents at the heart of a new conflict. Given the extension of classes for some classes until July 2022, private schools have called on parents to pay the fees for this month knowing that some paid for the month of September 2021 when studies only started on October due to the elections. Thus, parents, especially those whose children will not have lessons in July, refuse to pay the fees.

During the weekly press briefing held this Thursday, May 26 at the end of the Government Council, Mustapha Baitas, government spokesperson, was questioned on this issue. In this sense, he indicated that the subject was the subject of several meetings between the Ministry of National Education, parents’ associations and representatives of private schools.

Today, the Ministry of National Education is working on the supervision and organization of private school education, considered complementary to public education. The ministry is thus working on the revision of the organic law relating to private education so that the guardianship can have leeway to resolve the problems that can mark the relationship between parents and schools.“said the government spokesman.

In addition, said Mustapha Baitas, the Ministry of National Education is working on the development of a contractual system, where the obligations of both the school and the families will be clearly defined.

During a meeting held on May 11 between the MEN and representatives of private schools, it was concluded, according to the government spokesperson, to supervise the national associations of private establishments for better communication and a strengthening of dialogue. , to ensure the student’s interest prevails.

Other meetings will be held soon, assured the minister, in particular next May 31, between the ministry and the professional associations, the objective being, according to Mustapha Baitas, *to agree on the general perception concerning the preparation and drafting of the law regulating private education.




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