Towards a resolution of the situation of teachers in “cell 10”

Towards a resolution of the situation of teachers in “cell 10”

The Minister of National Education, Preschool and Sports has conditioned the resolution of the file of the teachers of the ” cell 10 to the promulgation of the new statute, which was discussed in collaboration with the education unions. Its implementation will begin at the beginning of the next school year.

In response to a written question from Deputy Hassan El Bahi, a member of the Istiqlalian group of unity and egalitarianism in the House of Representatives, concerning the resolution of the situation of teachers of the ” cell 10“, the Minister in charge, Chakib Benmoussa, confirmed the signing of a report of agreement on January 14, 2023 between the Ministry of National Education and the most representative teachers’ unions.

This agreement was overseen by the Head of Government, Aziz Akhannouch, and covers the principles governing the status of staff in the national education sector, with an emphasis on inclusiveness, merit and equal opportunity. .

The deputy thus asked when “the suffering” of the teachers of the ” cell 10“, who are holders of scale 9, would end, given the major reform project underway within the education system. This project requires the commitment of all components of human resources, especially after the accumulation of three decades of experience in the field, the observation of previous reform attempts and the consideration of their shortcomings.

Hassan El Bahi also called for emergency measures to resolve their situation, rehabilitate them by repairing the damage suffered, motivate them and reintegrate them by promoting them to the 11th level, while repairing the administrative and material damage.

The Minister of National Education indicated that the project encompasses all categories of personnel in the education system and includes different situations and paths related to the education professions. He highlighted his effort to unify the career path of all executives, create bridges between the different categories and entities, and bring together the teaching professions through an integrated educational engineering.

In this perspective, the Minister underlined the possibility of remedying certain anomalies which affected the two basic statutes of 1985-2003 and of finding solutions to certain administrative situations, including the situation of teachers of the ” cell 10“.

MP Hassan El Bahi pointed out in his written question that “Scale 10 recruitment was activated in 2012, while there are teachers who were in Scale 9 and had spent 15 years there or more when the promotion to the ranking was immediately carried out after 14 years of seniority in the scale, without the ministry taking into account the seniority of this category. Thus, a teacher who began his professional career in 2012 after 14 years of seniority will access scale 11, while this category of teachers will have to wait 28 years to reach scale 11.“, explains the deputy.

He considered that ” this is where the injustice and inequity lies, which has caused several groups of teachers to lose their rights repeatedly within this category“. El Bahi also noted that some of them have spent more than 28 years carrying out their mission with dedication and sacrifice, obtaining only one promotion throughout their careers, while some of their colleagues receive a salary. superior by more than 3000 dirhams and carry out the same tasks.

In this context, El Bahi explained that this situation leads to ” negative repercussions on the psychological state and social situation of those teachers and others within this category who have been deprived of the regularization provided for by Decree 19-2504 of the year 2019“.

This caused damage to some of them, so the students of the generation who studied with this category and are holders of scale 10 will reach scale 11 before their teachers.


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