Tourism in Morocco registers positive growth in 2023

Tourism in Morocco registers positive growth in 2023

Morocco’s Ministry of Tourism reports that Morocco has bounced back to 84% of pre-crisis tourism levels in the first half of 2023, showcasing the country’s resilience in the face of challenges, according to the Ministry’s data.

The ministry said in a presentation of their 2024 budget and action plan to the Parliament, that the global tourism industry had witnessed a notable recovery in the first seven months of 2023, with Morocco achieving impressive results during this period.

This remarkable rebound has been accompanied by a substantial increase in the number of tourists flocking to Morocco.

Over 11 million tourists chose Morocco as their destination during this time, representing a remarkable 44% surge when compared to the same period in 2022. 

This boost in tourist arrivals has contributed significantly to Morocco’s foreign currency earnings, which have soared by 33%, surpassing MAD 70 billion. 

Additionally, the number of overnight stays in the country has surged by 46%, reaching an impressive 19 million nights.

As Morocco prepares for the year ahead, the Ministry of Tourism said that it’s committed to implementing an ambitious roadmap for the tourism industry. 

This plan focuses on several key areas, including boosting air travel, expanding multi-channel promotion strategies, stimulating investments in revitalizing and enhancing services, strengthening human resources, enhancing hotel capacities, and reinforcing the country’s tourism observatory.

To achieve these goals, the Ministry is set to collaborate with key partners, such as “Morocco Entrepreneurs,” the “National Confederation of Tourism,” and the “Office of Vocational Training and Job Promotion.”

This collaboration will culminate in the launch of support programs for tourism businesses, the verification of industry experience gains, and the rolling out of extensive training initiatives.

Regarding promotion and marketing, Morocco aims to broaden the impact of its “Morocco, Land of Lights” promotional campaign. 

Morocco will also diversify its efforts, seek out new partnerships, and work towards capitalizing on various destinations and chains in both local and foreign markets. 

The Moroccan National Tourist Office is set to expand its global presence by establishing ten new offices abroad.

Morocco is set to double down on increasing the number of scheduled flights and intensify marketing efforts. 

The country is also keen on attracting new business partners while focusing on doubling the number of direct flights from strong-source regions, further cementing Morocco’s position as a top travel destination.


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