Tourism endowment in Morocco now increases to 100,000 dirhams

The tourist allocation in Morocco goes from 45,000 dirhams to 100,000 dirhams plus an additional allocation of 30% of the IR, all capped at 300,000 dirhams per calendar year and per person.

On Monday, the Foreign Exchange Office released a document of general guidelines for foreign exchange operations for 2022, which includes a set of new procedures.

The 2022 version of the document includes a number of facilities with regard to foreign exchange transactions, he said.

Among the most significant developments, global arrangements have been made for tourist allocations with a maximum of 100,000 dirhams per year (instead of 45,000 dirhams in the past), and may increase income tax by 30%. within the range of 300,000 dirhams.

“This endowment can be used on the occasion of personal trips abroad of any kind, whether tourist, religious or medical”, specifies the Office.

The new procedures also provide for raising the ceiling for annual transfers of investments from people abroad to 200 million dirhams, in addition to supporting and encouraging innovative emerging companies working in modern technologies by increasing trade endowments. electronic to 1 million dirhams and the possibility of making investments abroad.

The foreign exchange office specifies in the document that the new procedures also aim to relax the rules for managing accounts in foreign currencies and in convertible dirhams for exporters, through the possibility of paying in advance for imports of goods and services or to a deposit price higher than the authorized ceiling price, and it will also be possible to pay by international payment card for all Import services for the needs of the exporter’s activity.

All these procedures are part of the policy of liberalizing the foreign exchange system, according to the Foreign Exchange Office, after extensive consultations with professional associations.



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