To say that an Executive has done nothing is a lack of political maturity

To say that an Executive has done nothing is a lack of political maturity

The Morocco of today is a combination of actions put in place over the years, and to say that the government of Benkirane, of which the Popular Movement (MP) was a part, did not achieve anything in terms of progress, is a lack of political maturity, said the secretary general of the MP, Mohammed Ouzzine.

Tuesday’s guest of the program “Liqa’ MoroccoLatestNews”, Mohammed Ouzzine, discussed the controversies that affected his party, but in particular the results of the government of 2012, described as “disappointing”, and of which he was a part.

Was the government’s record as bleak as it is claimed today?

Mohammed Ouzzine revealed that this is one of the things he criticizes the current government. ” Morally, it is very difficult to take part in the government and to hold important ministerial portfolios and to come to say today that nothing has been done. This is not a political approach“, he confided.

For the SG of the MP, the changes and developments experienced by Morocco did not start during these elections. ” It is an accumulation of actions over time. Morocco is a set of high royal orientations. However, it is very difficult to say today that nothing has been achieved in a government to which we belonged“, explains Ouzzine.

And to add: This creates a kind of confusion for me, not to mention the citizen. We participated in this government, we did not have the same portfolios as the current Executive, but we assume responsibility for it, we have all the courage to assume responsibility. A politician who escapes his responsibilities is a failed politician“.

The decisions we made, we all made together. If they were correct, then our estimate was correct, and if they were wrong, I can only say that our estimate was made in good faith, maybe we failed to make the correct estimate, maybe be that there were other constraints. But we cannot say that Morocco and the changes only started with this government“, continues the guest.

He thus seizes the opportunity to remind that there are indeed a certain number of things in which the government of today is not good. But ” will we accept that the next government says that this Executive has done nothing?“, he wondered.

It’s not possible, says Ouzzine, because even if there are failures, the current government has still managed to put some things in place. However, he considers this issue, which says that the government has made no progress or that its record is poor, as a lack of political maturity, because ” Morocco is first and foremost an accumulation of actions, an accumulation of successes and failures“.

In the same vein, Ouzzine let it be known that he had never attacked the RNI party. ” I have a good relationship with its leaders, they are close friends and dear to me. It is a party whose approach is somewhat similar to ours. I am not criticizing the RNI today but the Executive, whether represented by the RNI, the PAM or the PI“, says the head of the MP.

To further clarify, Ouzzine stresses that he has no problem with these leaders as a person, but as an Executive, especially when it comes to governance, management and priorities, among others. ” The word problem is a bit of an exaggeration but what I mean by problem is that I simply don’t agree with such and such an idea or decision. For what ? Because I am the voice of the citizen, my role is to transmit everything that affects the citizen, his suffering, his world, his expectations“, he details.

The Moroccan today, if he does not see that you transmit his problems, these worries, what affects him and touches him in his daily life, what is this parliament for, what is the use of voting for you? This is the essential question“, concludes the Secretary General.


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