Tiznit celebrates the Amazigh theater

The third edition of the Afoulay Amazigh Theater Forum kicked off on Friday in Tiznit, with the participation of six troupes from Casablanca, Khemisset, Agadir and Tiznit.

Organized at the initiative of the Department of Culture in collaboration with the Regional and Provincial Councils of Tiznit, this forum is an annual meeting which brings together professionals from the world of theater to highlight new plays in the Amazigh language.

The opening ceremony of this event which took place in the presence in particular of the governor of the province of Tiznit, Hassan Khalil, was marked by the presentation of the choreography “Tayri Dar Imdoukal N ‘Terkant” and a tribute paid to artist Fatima Joutan.

In a statement to the press, the president of the forum, Mohamed Zemati, indicated that this event is part of the initiatives aimed at the promotion of the cultural component in the city of Tiznit, noting that this edition knows the participation of troops in from different regions of the Kingdom.

This event, which will continue until December 2, wishes to further enhance the Amazigh language, he said, adding that this forum provides in addition to the official competition, master-classes and debates on cultural industries and literary.

On the program of this cultural event, there are also thematic workshops, conferences, signing and dedication ceremonies of literary works.



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