Three-year-old girl raped in Sidi Slimane: The defendant imprisoned in Rommani

Three-year-old girl raped in Sidi Slimane: The defendant imprisoned in Rommani

In the case of the girl who was raped in Sidi Slimane, the alleged perpetrator of this crime was heard this Thursday by the King’s Prosecutor at the Kenitra Court of Appeal, who decided to refer him to the judge of instruction and this, after having heard the “victim and his family”.

The investigating judge at the Court of Appeal of Sidi Slimane continued the interrogation procedure of the defendant and in turn heard the girl and her family and decided to follow up on the case. Thus, on the basis of the requirements of Article 4 5. of the Criminal Code he charged the person concerned (ZB) with the crime of rape and of attack to the modesty With violence.

The magistrate of the judicial court responsible for instructing and exonerating the judicial investigations and proceeding with all impartiality to the manifestation of the truth and taking certain judicial decisions in his capacity as investigator also decided to place the accused in custody in Rommani prison as part of pre-trial detention. He set July 4 as the date for a hearing session to deepen the research on this odious affair which shook local and national public opinion.

In the same context, the mother of the accused of rape defended before the microphone of MoroccoLatestNews, the innocence of her son of the charges brought against him. She acknowledged that the little girl was coming to her family and denied that there was any enmity between the two families. She further demanded that an expert medical examination be carried out to prove the charges against her son, believing that if he was guilty, she would support his sentence according to law.

For her part, the mother of the victim from the city of Sidi Slimane demanded that justice be done and that the rights of her little girl be returned to her. The little girl, in fact, since these facts, has suffered not only from health problems but also from psychological ones. She formally announced on MoroccoLatestNews’ microphone that her daughter had been raped by “the neighbours’ son and confirmed that the incident dated back to last February. The grieving mother said that according to the doctor, the child had been repeatedly raped by an adult. He then reported the incident to the police, who informed the King’s Prosecutor.

The victim’s mother confirmed that the child told security officers that the person accused of raping her was the neighbour’s son on several occasions. So she demanded that her daughter’s rapist be held responsible and put in detention.

Hassan Mourabit, head of the League of Hope for Moroccan Children, said that the League and joined in the defense and support of the girl victim of sexual abuse, immediately after being informed of the affair.

The league made contact with his mother, who is suffering from cancer, before convincing her of the need to lodge a complaint with the security services, and to rely on the media.

Mourabit said that his commission has decided to resort to legal proceedings by filing a civil action in order to obtain justice for the child victim, through the appointment of a lawyer from the bar of Meknes and a member of the office of the League, with medical sponsorship for the child, in order to monitor his medical and psychological condition.

He called on the judicial authorities to show firmness in the face of this phenomenon and other problems of this kind, considering that the story of the child of Sidi Slimane is “painful and cruel, and that it pushes society to interrogate. The league, he concluded, “has a clear vision of the situation and irrefutable evidence that the girl was the victim of a heinous rape which requires exemplary punishment”, calling on civil society and the media to intensify their efforts. to put an end to this phenomenon.

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