Three Moroccan films in the running at the Alexandria Francophone Film Festival

Three Moroccan films, namely “Morgana” by Jamal Souissi, “Les Egarés” by Saïd Khallaf and “Atlas”, a Moroccan-Italian-Swiss-Belgian co-production, are in the running for the prizes of the first edition of the Francophone Film Festival. of Alexandria (FAFF).

According to the Festival management, Tunisia will be the “guest of honor” country of this first edition of the FAFF which will be organized from September 11 to 16 by the Foundation for Culture and Media Arts under the aegis of the Egyptian Ministry of Culture.

The festival will see the participation of 10 feature films and 20 short films, it is also specified.

In a statement to the press, the president of the Francophone film festival of Alexandria, Samir Sabri, underlined that several feature films will be screened in world premieres, including the Moroccan films “Morgana” and “Les Egarés”.

The majority of participating films are essentially a co-production between French-speaking, Arab or European countries, he added.



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