Three Britons of Moroccan descent win local elections in London

The victory of the British Labor Party on Friday in the London Borough of Westminster in the UK local elections gave the advantage to three Britons of Moroccan origin, namely Iman and Aicha Less and Hamza Taouzzale.

This is a first for Iman Less, a young holder of a master’s degree in economics and politics, while Hamza Taouzzale and Aicha Less are in their second election.

Originally from Larache, Aicha Less has been involved in British local politics for several years and had already won a seat in 2016. The same goes for Mr. Taouzzale, who holds a Master’s degree from King’s College London.

Regarding Souad Talsi, member of the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME), the election of three Britons of Moroccan origin in Westminster “reminds us of the need to empower and encourage politically active people to find a place in political parties in the UK”.

“It is also an opportunity to remind the Moroccan electorate in the United Kingdom that they have a voice and that they must use it”, she underlined, adding that “we must remain united to be recognized”. “As a young political aspirant in the 1980s, I didn’t get the necessary support from my community because they weren’t engaged,” says Ms. Talsi.

The founder of the Al Hasaniya center indicated that “Three generations after the arrival of my late father, I am delighted to see that we are finally breaking down barriers and moving forward to be recognized”.

Souad Talsi added that “The future for our young generation in the UK is bright. We are here to help him and ensure the preservation of the interest of Morocco and Moroccans”.

Labor won 31 seats in Westminster, 12 more than in the 2018 election, while the Conservatives won 23, 18 fewer seats than four years ago.

As a reminder, Labor also won in Barnet as well as in Wandsworth, once Margaret Thatcher’s ‘preferred council’, its leafy south London streets from Battersea to Putney being representative of a urban, affluent Conservative electorate who now seem to be leaning towards Labour.



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