Threatening to strike, professionals demand solutions

Threatening to strike, professionals demand solutions

For nearly 5 years, professionals and players in the national and international transport sector have been calling for social dialogue and concrete solutions to the problems that plague their activity, but in vain. Several unresolved cases remain pending.

Recently, several dialogue sessions brought together representatives and trade unions of the national and international transport sector with the Ministry of Transport. However, the last session held during the month of May 2023 demonstrated to the union coordination that it was only a question of ” dilatory discussions that will not lead to appropriate solutions for the development of the sector or to get it out of the deep crisis in which most players find themselves“, noting that the actors continue to sacrifice their financial resources to ensure continuity and preserve their employees from unemployment and precariousness.

Indeed, in a recent press release, several unions, in particular the CGETM, the UMT, the UGPT, the CANTL, the AMPTRL, the SDT, and others, called on the government to look into the problems of the sector, in thus delivering a series of points to be resolved.

First of all, there is the payment of all the subsidies that have not been paid for the benefit of certain professionals, while the price of diesel continues to soar. It is also necessary to pave the way for those who did not benefit from the subsidy at all or obtained it gradually, and to announce a new tranche of subsidy, underlines the same source.

The union coordination also calls on the Executive to pay subsidies to transporters who have scrapped their trucks, given that they have fulfilled all the conditions of the fleet renewal program for the year 2022, and to revise the all files pending since 2019.

In addition, the government is called upon to concretely implement all the conclusions of the 2022 dialogue, to re-examine the proposals submitted by the ministry for study in 2023, to give priority to emergency files, to engage in a serious and responsible dialogue from the National Road Safety Agency (NARSA), to simplify procedures and create a complaints platform that does not depend on a single counter for professionals.

Also announcing a general meeting of trade union coordination on June 11, to take stock of the progress of their claim dossier and the government’s responsiveness, the same source underlined the total lack of resolution of the problems of carriers in level of regional transport services.

For some time now, the supervisory ministry has been dragging us into a series of dialogues and promises that end up leading to nothing. Claims and agreements that should have seen the light of day since 2019 are still pending. We have been patient and supported the government during the Covid crisis and other crises. Today, it is time to act concretely and seriously to save the sector which is going through a crisis, especially in this context of rising prices at all levels.“, confided to MoroccoLatestNews UK, Abdelaghani Berrada, President of the General Confederation of Moroccan Transport Companies (CGETM).

Our interlocutor informs us that the national trade union coordination has time granted to the government, hoping for a resolution of the urgent points. On June 11, during our assembly, we will decide on the next stages of struggle to follow, in particular sit-ins in front of the ministry or even the organization of a strike in order to make our voice heard.


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