Thousands of Moroccans fall victim to online scam

Thousands of Moroccans fall victim to online scam

Parliamentary representative Loubna Srhiri revealed that thousands of Moroccans from various cities have fallen victim to an online scam called “court” by unknown individuals.

In a written inquiry addressed to the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Srhiri stated that suspects involved in the fraud convinced victims to contribute significant amounts of money to an online business project, promising daily profits. Later, the victims discovered that the project had halted, and those overseeing it had disappeared.

Srhiri pointed out that all financial contributions from the victims were transferred from their bank accounts to the accounts of the implicated individuals, in large and daily amounts, “without raising the scrutiny of the relevant financial oversight bodies.”

Following this, Srhiri, a member of the Committee on Justice, Legislation, and Human Rights in the House of Representatives, questioned the role of inspection and financial monitoring bodies in tracking suspicious bank transfers. She also inquired about the measures taken by the ministry and those planned to protect citizens from financial fraud networks.


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