Thousands march in Rabat in solidarity with Gaza

Thousands march in Rabat in solidarity with Gaza

Thousands of Moroccans marched Sunday in Rabat’s streets in solidarity with Palestine, amid ongoing war with Israel.

The protest first emerged in Bab Lhad, as people burned the Israeli flag and demanded stopping the normalization with Israel.

In solidarity, elders and children all marched the street chanting “Palestine is our blood,” carrying flags and waving pro-palestinian slogans.

 As thousands gathered, authorities prohibited vehicles from driving in the Mohammed VI street to ensure the safety of the protestors.

“Hamas is resistance”, said a banner as many protestors stepped on Israeli and American flags.

The protestors carried a massive petition, trying to squeeze in as many signatures in the midst of a very organized chaos.

The document explained that Moroccans denounce what’s happening in Palestine and call the international community to intervene and put an end to the killings and displacement of innocent people.

Some protestors put in place stands in which children can draw and express their Solidays in their own way. 

So far, around 2400 Palestinian civilians have passed away due to Palestinian strikes, with almost 10.000 injured. 

Among those, 700 kids were killed. 

Yesterday, several Moroccan politicians and civil society actors protested in front of the Palestinian embassy in the presence of the Palestinian ambassador to further emphasize their full support and solidarity. 

Many protests have been held in different Moroccan cities. 


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