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This is why the vaccination pass must be abolished

Omicron tamed, it is the insolence of Lady Covid that suffers. The saga of this pandemic which will have marked humanity is gradually entering its historical context as the variants become more and more timid. Vaccine-associated infections have offered a robust immune response against severe forms, and the circulation of the virus becomes less fluid. Admittedly, vigilance remains the key word, but it is clear that the Moroccan has dropped the mask and that the vaccination pass is no longer useful.

The vaccination pass, an educational tool to encourage vaccination

Initially created to encourage the population to the “forced” vaccine, no offense to Antivax, the vaccine pass had its hours of glory in France, Spain, Great Britain… but the expected effect will not have been spotted. oil everywhere. As a result, the vaccination pass, this badly born device, which came into force against the odds and against the tide and whose burial is expected like the most assiduous of undertakers, has become obsolete.

However, in the most beautiful country in the world, he resists and persists in pumping the air more than once, although he arrives late. Some really think so, it is in its last gasps. Also, we are entitled to wonder what the vaccination pass is for, this worthy heir to the health pass, can a relic of the new times still be useful today, if not to prevent some accesses or the presence of preventers from turning in circles is not desirable, Parliament, court…

Whether we like it or not, the vaccination pass has become, like the famous hot potato, a cumbersome object for health executives and others. Its usefulness is obsolete and no longer relevant at a time of declining contamination.

Also many citizens see it as an opportunity to lift it. But, it is still necessary to have the approval of the white coats which in their vast majority, call for vigilance and still opt for the maintenance of the health system in general. Hence the delicate position of the State, under the blow of the vindictiveness of those who believe that the pass is the symbol of“a strong attack on people’s freedoms”.

Dr. Tayeb Hamdi, medical specialist and researcher in health policies and systems, with his legendary benevolence and broken sticks, will try to get us out of this impasse, solicited in this by MoroccoLatestNews FR.

The nonsense of the vaccination pass

The vaccination pass does not really contribute much to the epidemic situation. That said, frail people over the age of sixty who are not vaccinated are at greater risk. But since the circulation of the virus is weak, since in the health system, the occupation of resuscitation is at -0.2% so it is only up to vulnerable and unvaccinated people to assume their responsibilities. . This category of people does not have to bear its burden on the whole of the population whose vaccination pass will be required, ”he says.

In short, for Dr. Tayeb Hamdi, the reasoning is simple, and it consists for this section of Moroccan society which is a population at risk, to be vaccinated. That said, for the Moroccan population will he still tell us “thehe risk to public health today is very minimal. We can’t imagine seeing the resuscitation being full tomorrow because we didn’t require the vaccination pass “.

The Kingdom last October, continues the health policy and systems researcher, “ introduced the vaccination pass, the generalization of the third dose to people aged 18 and over and the requirement of the third dose for the validity of the vaccination pass, which was not the case everywhere in the world and the presentation approach of the vaccination pass in the workplace”.

This all in one, caused a boomerang effect he will continue and explain: ” The combination of the four in one shot was a problem, we should have introduced the vaccination pass in a progressive manner. We wanted to boost vaccination but unfortunately we slowed it down, hence the boomerang effect. But there were also other factors that contributed to this situation such as the fake news or rather the deluge of fake news that went with it. Indeed, the Antivax cornered, so to speak in their corner, fought back thus, hence this brake on vaccination “.

Drop the masks, 2/3 of the Moroccan population vaccinated

As for the masks that fewer and fewer citizens are wearing, Dr Tayeb finds this in the normality of the evolution of the situation ” No longer wearing the mask is good, especially in open spaces. In reality, there are about forty to fifty cases recorded per day in Morocco, one death every two to three days and a positivity rate of less than 1%. There is no need for confinement, Morocco has opened up to normality (return to mosque gatherings on the ground… no masks or distancing in public places, etc.). This means that we are in a period where the virus is circulating much less thanks to many things, vaccination in particular, two thirds of the population have been inoculated. “.

Dr. Hamdi adds to support his statements ” there is also this fact that people are largely contaminated by the virus, the WHO has declared that 65% of the world’s population is contaminated -in Africa it is necessary to multiply by 97 the estimates-, it is therefore an immunity by the infection and in Morocco we are lucky to have another immunity, that of 2/3 of those vaccinated, which means that the circulation of the virus is very low. Moreover, the season also lends itself to it, people live more outside and when they are inside they ventilate. However, contamination occurs in enclosed spaces. Also when people at risk who have chronic and unvaccinated diseases have to go there, they must take their precautions (wearing a mask and barrier gestures) “.

Finally for Dr Tayeb Hamdi, the legal obligation to wear a mask and the vaccination pass no longer have any reason to exist, legality must be replaced by specific recommendations because they still retain their usefulness, at least for the mask and it is always up to the most vulnerable to assume their responsibilities.




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