Home Politics These political leaders and their setbacks with Justice

These political leaders and their setbacks with Justice

These political leaders and their setbacks with Justice

From ex-minister Mohamed Moubdii (MP) to Omar Hjira (Istiqlal) via Hassan Derham (RNI and former USFP), El Habib Choubani (PJD), Abdessamad Khanani (PPS), Moh Rejdali (PJD), Abdenbi Bioui (WFP), Rachid El Fayek du (RNI), Yassine Radi (UC), Mohamed Karimine (Istiqlal) and the list is far from being exhaustive, it is a whole panoply of elected officials who when they do not taste the straw of prisons , must report to judges.

Precisely, in this respect the latest, Mohamed Karimine or “Mr red meats” for the intimate as some like to call him, was heard very recently by the National Brigade of the Judicial Police (BNPJ) in Casablanca . But the troubles him, as a good champion, he knows about it. Recently dismissed from his position as president of the municipal council of Bouznika, the Istiqlalien deputy already concerned by other procedures linked to other dysfunctions noted in the municipality he chaired, reported to the BNPJ.

This time, he was interviewed as part of an investigation into embezzlement of subsidies intended for the red meat production sector that the Ministry of Agriculture had initiated, before being brought before the prosecution. In short, for this time, the investigations concerned funds granted for the production of red meat to an association that Karimine headed.

It was also a question of examining dubious financial transfers in the management of the payment of subsidies to breeders by the association headed by the former president of the Commune. The Mohamed Karimine association would have found itself involved in the payment of large sums to its deputy. A complaint filed by a former technician who worked on behalf of the association as part of this operation, would have lit the fire in the Karimine house. It should be noted that this case risks dragging in its wake the no less famous former leader of Raja Casablanca, boss of Ozone, Aziz El Badraoui, heard in the context of the same case of livestock subsidies.

That said, Rachid El Fayek was another strong man, but in Fez. We do not know if it was transhumance that cost him (RNI from the PAM after leaving Istiqlal) but the president of the commune of Oulad Tayeb and deputy for Fez is currently in detention. He was sentenced last December to six years in prison for embezzlement, squandering of public funds, falsification of official documents and abuse.

El Habib Choubani just like Mohamed Moubdii is a former minister, the State had entrusted him with the function of Minister in charge of Relations with Parliament and Civil Society between 2012 and 2015. Choubani is being prosecuted for mismanagement, squandering of public property and is involved in public procurement matters. The investigation had mentioned public contracts launched by the Regional Council of Draâ-Tafilalet, of which he was president.

Mohamed Moubdii, the former Minister of Public Service under the Benkirane government, is currently in pre-trial detention in the civil prison of Oukacha, in Casablanca. The current MP and 7 other people are being prosecuted for embezzlement and squandering of public funds, abuse of good faith, forgery and use of forgery and abuse of power, among other charges.

For his part, Hassan Derham is currently the subject of an investigation by the investigating judge in charge of financial crimes at the Court of Appeal of Marrakech, for suspicions of embezzlement and squandering of public funds, forgery and use forgery and participation.

The former presidents of the commune of Oujda Omar Hjira, Abdenbi Bioui, sentenced on March 20, 2019 by the Financial Crimes Chamber of the Fez Court of Appeal to two years in prison, for embezzlement and irregularities in public procurement , had their sentence canceled on July 6, 2022. But never mind, the case is again before the Court of Appeal.

But in this bosom they are legion, we will want for example Mister Zine El Abidine Houass (Istiqlal) or the “Affair of 17 billion centimes”. A search of his home led to the discovery of 170 million dirhams in cash. The former deputy and former president of the municipality of Had Soualem (Casablanca) was sentenced to 7 years in prison in 2019. There is also the haraki Mehdi Atmoun who appeared before the Casablanca Court of Appeal to answer the charges of squandering public funds.

The list is unfortunately long, so much so that we cannot tell you the whole story of these politicians, elected members of Parliament and other crooked local officials who are the subject of legal proceedings and whose slightest offense is “mismanagement” of the affairs entrusted to them by their constituents.

These trials have fortunately multiplied since the advent of the lifting of parliamentary immunity to the great displeasure of those concerned who slowly and surely fall one by one. Strange in this context, we hardly see the opposite gender, involved. No comment!



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