Theft scandal forces British Museum director’s resignation

Theft scandal forces British Museum director’s resignation

After a spate of thefts at the esteemed British Museum, Director Hartwig Fischer revealed his resignation due to the ongoing pilfering of valuable artifacts.

Fischer announced his departure, citing the need for a fresh leadership approach in light of the thefts that have plagued one of the world’s most renowned cultural institutions.

In a public statement, Fischer stated, “I have submitted my resignation to the Board Chairman and will step down once interim management measures are established, to be upheld until a new director is selected.”

The museum’s management recently terminated an employee following the disappearance, theft, and damage of several artworks.

Fischer acknowledged the gravity of the museum’s situation, expressing his confidence in its ability to overcome these challenges.

Nevertheless, he recognized that his continued presence could serve as a distraction. Notably, criticisms have emerged about the museum’s response to the 2021 theft reports, and pressure intensified following the August 16 announcement detailing the vanishing of numerous historical pieces, some dating back to the 15th century BC.


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