Theatrical reading of Rita Al Khayat’s story “The dischildment”

At the Gérard Philipe room of the French Institute of Morocco in Rabat, the actress Sophia Hadi will present a theatrical reading around the text of Rita Al Khayat ” the dischildment“, in his presence, Friday, March 11. A meeting will follow with the author.

The history of these texts and their contradiction or reaffirmation is simple. It is the emanation of a terrible pain which affects the author and has changed even her writing methods, explains IFM Rabat in a press release.

These texts are cuttings in the pain that is constantly invading, intractable and odious. They will tell in puffs and revolts what life, death, beauty, youth, tears, consolation, separation are. All things organizing life. But especially death.

The agony begins at birth, because the term of all life is death and it hatches between melancholy, agonist, and could be called agony, its antagonist being the principle of nothingness, analyzes the same source. The one to which we return and from which we come; who remembers what was? But above all, who brought back a word of life from the beyond? The bewilderment resides in the thing said and its opposite. Eros has ended his reign. Extended that of thanatos, dry and black.

From her profile as a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and anthropologist, graduated from the universities of Paris in all these disciplines, Rita Al Khayat has carved out many tools for dissecting social behavior.

This extraordinary woman, as the IFM calls her, talks about everything, namely language barriers, the social cultural heritage which she spearheads, particularly in “ The book of names », noting that his field of investigation extends over the entire Maghreb and the Arab world, contiguous countries with undeniable similarities…

Among the publications of Rita Al Khayat we cite the Arab World in Women, The Maghreb of Women, Casablanca 1992, Marsam 2001, the Sumptuous Morocco of Women, Ed. Dedico-Salé 1994, Marsam 2002, A modern Psychiatry for the Maghreb and others publications.

Here is a taste of Rita Al Khayat’s story ” dischildment“, not to be missed at the IFM in Rabat on Friday. ” I’m broken. It happened on my spine up to Atlas but even Axis took a bad hit. They say I’m quadriplegic. None of my limbs move or stretch anymore. No one will ever again warm the cold of immobility invading my bones one by one from top to bottom”.



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