Theatrical performances at Kasbah of Chellah transport visitors to ancient Morocco

Theatrical performances at Kasbah of Chellah transport visitors to ancient Morocco

The Ministry of Youth and Culture’s recent cultural program, “Nostalgia – Yesterday’s Emotion,” proved to be a resounding success, rekindling life in the ancient archaeological site of the Kasbah of Chellah and highlighting Morocco’s rich cultural heritage. 

The initiative, which aimed to introduce audiences to the civilizations that once inhabited Chellah over centuries, featured never seen before theatrical and artistic performances.

Running from July 21 to July 27, the event showcased live scenes depicting the lifestyles of ancient dynasties, particularly the Saadian and Marinid dynasties in Morocco. 

The opening night, graced by Minister of Culture Mehdi Bensaid, attracted a diverse array of public figures, from artists to politicians.

The EU Ambassador to the Kingdom, Patricia Llombart Cussac said on Twitter “#Nostalgia to the magnificent site of Chellah: a journey through time, civilizations and cultures that have enriched humanity. Congratulations Minister @mehdibensaid, Director Latefa Ahrrare, and all the teams of professionals who will make you live a unique experience.”

Nell Stewart, Ambassador of Canada to Morocco and Mauritania, shared some pictures from the event on Twitter stating that it is “not to be missed, a magnificent historical and theatrical fresco in Chellah.”

The program received widespread acclaim on social media, with many praising the ministry’s efforts and calling for more cultural celebrations of this kind.

Amine Nassuer, an art teacher and director at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Art and Cultural Animation (ISADAC), skillfully orchestrated the event in a short time.

Actors and actresses were draped in authentic representative clothing, featuring vintage attire adorned with special jewelry, Jellabas, daggers, and unique headpieces. 

The meticulous decor, masterminded by Anouar Zahraoui and the renowned Oasis studio, received well-deserved applause, with Khadija Alami, a prominent Moroccan producer, and leader of the committee supporting film festivals at the Moroccan Cinematography Center (CCM), playing a significant role in its creation.

Nasseur applauded Alami’s efforts in making the whole project come together.

The historical costumes and decor seamlessly blended with the ancient ruins of Chellah, creating an immersive experience for visitors. 

Although the event received immense praise, some critics expressed disappointment over its short duration, hoping for a longer run to accommodate more attendees.

In an interview with MoroccoLatestNews, Nasseur, the mastermind behind the show, revealed plans to recreate similar projects in several other historical sites. 


“Recreating scenes from ancient civilizations involved collaboration with experts and historians to ensure historical accuracy and create characters inspired by those eras,” affirmed Nasseur.

The production employed 300 artists, workers, and technicians, with many acting talents being graduates of ISADAC.

The project, driven by the vision of Minister of Youth Bensaid, aimed to introduce Morocco’s heritage to the younger generation and international tourists, placing culture at the center of the country’s development plans, emphasized Nasseur.

In addition to the event’s physical presence, several influencers took to social media, particularly Instagram, to provide daily coverage for those unable to attend.

Comedian Ezzoubir Hilal entertained his followers by playfully attempting to break the actors out of character, while Safae Jaafar took a more serious approach, guiding viewers through the venue and narrating historical facts presented during the event.

The segment of the show dedicated to Marinian heritage stood out with its various musical performances, and the acts spread throughout the entire venue, ensuring an enriching and engaging experience for all attendees.


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