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The victories of Morocco do not exist according to the Algerian press agency APS

Is it relentlessness or pure jealousy, we do not know. But the latest dispatch from the Algerian Press Agency (APS) is incredibly pathetic. The agency, which was reviewing the history of the African Nations Football Championship for local players (CHAN), of which Algeria is also hosting the 7th edition from January 13 to February 4, ” zapped » the participation of the Atlas Lions in this sporting event, while they are double reigning champions in 2018 and 2020.

Indeed, in his pseudo in a historic article on CHAN, APS referred to all of the countries that have hosted CHAN, except Morocco, in a blatant attempt to wipe the history of this African sporting event.

APS therefore spoke of the Democratic Republic of Congo and its victory in the first edition of CHAN, and that the second edition of 2011 which took place in Sudan had seen the victory of the Tunisian team or that the third edition of 2014 had been organized in South Africa and that Libya had won the title.

The agency went on to cite the fourth edition of 2016, hosted by Rwanda, which saw victory for the second time over the Democratic Republic of Congo. But when we arrive at the 5th edition of 2018, it is radio silence. Whoever reads the APS article does not know who organized this edition or even its winner.

Indeed, the APS made no reference to the fifth edition that the Kingdom of Morocco hosted in 2018 nor to the victory of the Atlas Lions which allowed them to win their first title, after beating the Nigerian team by four goals to 0.

Thus, the Algerian agency continued with the 6th edition of CHAN organized by Cameroon in 2021, but without mentioning the winner, which is Morocco. Yes yes ! The Moroccan national team had won its second consecutive CHAN title, after defeating the Malian team (2-0) in the final match.

Speaking of the 7th edition that Algeria is hosting in a few days, the APS specifies that ” On the eve of the kick-off, scheduled for January 13 at the brand new Baraki stadium (Algiers) during the opening match between Algeria and Libya, the Arab teams managed to obtain four titles out of six “, Without specifying that two of these titles were won by the Atlas Lions.

This is not the first attempt by the APS in particular, and the Algerian press in general, to exclude Morocco from their pseudo sports articles. Because of their “marrocophobia”, the latter did not even have ” ethicse” and the ” decency likewise alluding to the historic achievement of our Atlas Lions in the 2022 World Cup which Qatar hosted and those who did, were dismissed.



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