The version of Minister Miraoui

The Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation, Abdellatif Miraoui, played down the cases of cheating identified in the entrance exams to medical faculties in Morocco, noting that he is still awaiting detailed data to this subject.

In a statement to MoroccoLatestNews, Abdellatif Miraoui, Minister of Higher Education, stressed that the number of cases of cheating recorded during the medical competition, organized on July 27, does not exceed ten cases. He also clarified that his department is currently working on these cases in coordination with the security authorities, stressing that the persons concerned and their phones have been identified thanks to modern technologies.

The government official noted that the case “ is much less than what people imagine on social networks”. Miraoui also felt that what is happening clearly demonstrates to him “the conviction of the need to address the moral question within society and to raise the level of invocation of the public interest “.

But the misfortune according to the minister is that this “has become a profession for many people who now form organized gangs specializing in cheating “, underlining the will of his department to put an end to his practices in a definitive way. That said, Miraoui was still pleased with the smooth running of the competition, in which some 65,000 candidates took part, with a few isolated cases of cheating.

Thus, the ministry’s efforts to put an end to these behaviors come with the aim of ensuring equal opportunities for all students, the Minister of Higher Education confides to us, noting that the phenomenon has become global and is noted by various universities around the world.

Following the outbreak on social networks of the case of cheating in the entrance exam to medical faculties, the National Coordination of Medical Students in Morocco (CNEM) seized the Minister of Higher education via a correspondence of whichMoroccoLatestNews UK holds a copy, denouncing its “maneuvers »who “undermine the principle of equal opportunity and damage the reputation of the medical school»supposed to welcome the country’s elite.

According to the CNEM, the conditions for passing the entrance examination to medicine organized at the end of July were marked by “the lowering of the selection threshold, as in the past two years, in parallel with the significant increase in new arrivals, which required the sector to mobilize more logistical and human resources than usual”.

In this sense, the CNEM proposed to the Minister to open an emergency investigation to ensure the veracity of the publications shared on the RS and the allegations of cheating in the medical access competition, while assuming its responsibilities if these allegations turn out to be true.

The coordination also asked the Minister to apply all the legal and administrative procedures to prosecute the people concerned by this case, also calling for the perpetrators of these acts to be held responsible, or even reorganize the competition if necessary.

Ultimately, the CNEM calls on the Minister to review the conditions and procedures for access to medical faculties from next year, guaranteeing the principle of fairness and equal opportunity, and adopting a quality approach before quantity, in order to guarantee training that meets the needs of Moroccan society.



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