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The unions of private doctors find a compromise with Lekjaa

As protests continue over the tax provisions of the new finance bill and as lawyers on the one hand managed to find a compromise with the government, it is the turn of doctors and ophthalmologists in the private sector to find a compromise. agreement with the executive, Thursday evening.

The national union of doctors in the liberal sector and the union of ophthalmology held, yesterday evening at the headquarters of the Ministry of Economy and Finance in Rabat, a meeting with the minister delegate to the ministry in charge of the budget, Fouzi Lekjaa, in the presence of the Director General of Taxes and representatives of the authorities in order to discuss the tax requirements imposed by the 2023 finance law.

According to the union press release, the parties reached an agreement, where it was agreed to reduce the withholding tax to 5% for legal persons and 10% for natural persons, the reassessment of health service tariffs in a balanced way, with the integration of modern services and surgeries.

The same source indicates that the agreement also includes the possibility of applying the “single-partner professional civil partnership” system to medical clinics, while separating doctors’ fees directly from insurance funds and transferring them to their bank accounts. .

In this sense, Fouzi Lekjaa affirmed that his department is and will always be ready for dialogue in order to find effective and reasonable solutions to deal with the obstacles and problems encountered in the health sector, and welcomed the “wise” approaches. of the two unions who have chosen to pursue the resolution through discussion rather than continuing to demonstrate.

Recall that for about three weeks now, several unions and bodies of the liberal professions, such as lawyers, architects, engineers, doctors, pharmacists… have been leading protests and strikes contesting a set of provisions and requirements of the PLF 2023 , while emphasizing that they have a profound impact on the national tax system. For this, several meetings were organized with the members of the government which finally led to compromises, such was the case for the lawyers this same week.



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