the UN has no role in blocking the conflict in the Sahara

the UN has no role in blocking the conflict in the Sahara

Antonio Guterres the Secretary General of the United Nations gave his point of view on the Sahara in conference in front of the students and professors of Sciences Po and specialists. On the sidelines of “Climate Summit for a Global Financial Compact», organized in Paris, on June 22 and 23, the SG of the UN declared that the UN had no role in blocking the resolution of the conflict in the Sahara.

” Ihe question of the Sahara is not frozen by the United Nations, it is frozen by those who obstruct the file“. Follow the gaze, it is about Algeria and the Polisario. He further pointed out that the Sahara issue started when Spain left the region. “Western Sahara was peacefully decolonized in 1975, when the Polisario was still unknown“.

Antonio Guterres explained that the Sahara was decolonized in 1975 following a tripartite agreement between Spain, Morocco and Mauritania. Then, “Mauritania saw that there were problems and left these territories, and Morocco extended its presence throughout the region”.

It is, in fact, only after this decolonization that the world began to hear about the Polisario. Which Polisario, it should be remembered, was created by Algeria and Libya. The UN Secretary General said about “iThere is the Polisario Front which seeks the independence of the region”, according to the terms used.

In this regard, Hafid Ezzahri, an academic and political analyst, told MoroccoLatestNews that: “Guterres’ statements are a reality on the Moroccan Sahara issue“. Ezzahri added that ” the statements of the UN Secretary General confirm what Morocco says about the conflict, which arose artificially during the Cold War“.

The academic and policy analyst opined that “there was a growing international conviction that the Sahara falls within the territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Morocco, in addition to the fact that autonomy is a realistic and logical proposal to resolve this artificial conflict“. In this context, the spokesperson stated that “ for the international opinion, the thesis of the Polisario, has become a burden for the international community“, stating that ” Guterres made a point of recalling the role of Algeria in the conflict, which goes in the direction of hindering the existence of any new solution. »

Ezzahri concluded that ” the United Nations is aware of the reality of the conflict“ revealing that Algeria is the major part of this fabricated conflict. Algeria in the last two decisions, as a major party to the fabricated conflict. For his part, Khatri Charki, political science and media researcher, specialist in Sahara issues, political analyst and expert in international relations, for his part told MoroccoLatestNews, that: “The United Nations has sought to close the file since ‘resolution 690’ and since 2007 there have been 19 resolutions which have unanimously confirmed the need to find a compatible solution to Morocco’s proposal “.

Charki added, that “ Morocco responded to the United Nations in all areas, and coordinated with the Forum on the ground and at the diplomatic level indicating that ” Rabat has always endeavored to receive visits from UN officials and provide them with explanations on the situation in the southern provinces“. The Kingdom has always worked with the principle of goodwill, “by calling for negotiations at the highest level through round tables“, he continued.

But the separatists unfortunately opted for overt violations (Guergarat, or buffer zone), through hostilities”that moreover have been revealed by the recent resolutions of the Security Council “. He further stated that ” these indicators favored the Kingdom of Morocco on the path to a political solution to the issue”considering that ” the recent UN resolution has been clear and demonstrates the annoyance and dissatisfaction of the United Nations with the practices of the separatists“.


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