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The UMT protests against the high cost of living and the situation of the popular mass

Since 1886, workers and the working class have commemorated Labor Day every May Day. This day allows them to cry out their grievances loud and clear and to remind their governments of the importance of the trade union movement in protecting their interests and preserving their achievements.

In Casablanca, as usual, the crowd invaded the grand boulevard of the FAR in front of the headquarters of the Moroccan Labor Union (UMT) to celebrate Labor Day in a national climate marked by unprecedented social congestion due to of the price increase.

Before the Assembly which acclaimed him, Miloudi Moukharik, Secretary General of the UMT, declared that the celebration of May Day ” is no ordinary celebration. It is rather a protest, a cry, a struggle and a firmness in the face of the ugliness of the savage neoliberal world economic system which drains the wealth of the people against their vital interests. “.

In a speech delivered on the occasion of Labor Day in the presence of the leaders of the political bureau of the National Rally of Independents (RNI), which leads the government, Moukharik underlined that the Moroccan working class finds itself today ” faced with a pandemic of another kind, represented by the flames of rising prices and inflation which have exhausted its purchasing power. It is the crisis of the daily life of the citizen, whose title is the soaring prices “.

Surrounded by thousands of laborers and laborers from several sectors, the UMT leader went on to say that the working class is burning ” with the price flames, not only of fuel, but of basic foodstuffs which have become luxury items, as the pockets of the working class and wage earners in general no longer afford to buy them, as wealth dwindles. grows in the hands of a group of crisis traders who accumulate unimaginable profits at the expense of the livelihood of the masses in general“.

In this sense, Miloudi Moukharik stressed that his union insists on the need to ” respond to the legitimate grievances of all employees in this exceptional circumstance which has exacerbated the deterioration of the situation of the working class and the Moroccan popular mass “. He also recalled that the value of dialogue lies ” in the extent of its results, while the obligations lie in the extent of their application “.



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