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the UMT holds its national council

The Moroccan Labor Union (UMT) held, on Saturday in Casablanca, its national council under the sign “the continuation of the struggle, our choice for the consolidation of the achievements and the consecration of the demands of the working class”.

This council, marked by the participation of the managers of the various professional sectors at the national level, was devoted to the examination of the results of the social dialogue in addition to aspects of an organizational and internal nature.

On this occasion, the general secretary of the UMT, Miloudi Moukharik indicated that the national council of the UMT is an opportunity to examine the socio-economic conditions of the working class, in its times characterized by the high cost of living and decline in purchasing power.

Regarding the results of the social dialogue, Moukharik indicated that they “do not meet the expectations of the entire working class”, stressing that there is no initiative to increase wages, reduce taxes or improve the compensation system.

“The government has not honored its promises expressed during the agreement of April 30”, indicated Moukharik in particular.

He also highlighted the role of the UMT’s Studies and Training Trade Union Museum in tracing the history of the national trade union movement.

For his part, Mohammed Behnis, member of the national secretariat of the UMT, indicated that the April 30 agreement covers several aspects which concern the working class, in particular the government’s commitment to increase wages in September and to reduce the income tax, recalling that the UMT calls for the fulfillment of these commitments and respect for trade union freedoms.



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