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The UIR launches the first DU combining nutrition and morphological and anti-aging medicine

The International University of Rabat (UIR) inaugurated on Friday the very first university degree dedicated to doctors, combining the field of nutrition, medical dietetics, morphological and anti-aging medicine.

Asked by MoroccoLatestNews, Dr Falky Zaki Badeiaa, founder and coordinator of the diploma in nutrition, medical dietetics and morphological and anti-aging medicine explains that a ” good nutrition equals a prosperous and better future in relation to the population. It is therefore in this spirit that we had the idea of ​​this diploma because things have evolved so much in relation to nutrition with new concepts. It is no longer the diplomas that were done before the 2000s or even in 2015, 2014… and it is no longer the same thing”.

It is a diploma that exists in other faculties but its particularity which is now at the International University of Rabat is that we have associated nutrition with morphological and anti-aging medicine because it is aging well If you want “she adds, emphasizing that “ aging well goes through all that is preventive, therapeutic and nutrition, has a big role in this area, but it also goes through the morphological. That is to say that if you take for example a patient who has lost weight and who has lost a lot of kilos, not only has she lost them and she is happy, but she has had side effects either immediately after taking weight or after slimming”.

Dr. Falky Zaki continues: “CThat’s how we had the idea of ​​dealing with these problems by combining morphological and anti-aging medicine. We are therefore, with Dr. Halhol, the founders of this diploma. The prerequisite is that one must be a medical doctor. It is a diploma which is done in one year, and it is a continuous training. The program is nutrition and it is morphological and anti-aging medicine and whoever says morphological and anti-aging medicine is not talking about aesthetic medicine, you have for example a lady who had stretch marks after slimming. These stretch marks, if you take care of them while they are red, you will eliminate them completely even for the white ones at some point. Obesity will also give rise to varicosities that we can also treat”.

For his part, Dr Hafid Halhol, nutritionist and co-founder of the diploma at the UIR, told MoroccoLatestNews that ” the stakes are high, because today, nutrition is a determining factor in improving people’s lives. However, today, most people have no education or training in nutrition. And so the objective of this DU is to change things and to advance science and promote education, particularly for families, since we are seeing, for this category, an explosion of junk food and our objective is to really change the situation”.

“There are no limits between therapy and morphological and anti-aging medicine, there are no clear boundaries. This is why there is, in our diploma, the theoretical and also the practical. This year, we have a promotion of almost 40 doctors, because the diploma started late. But here we are at our first seminar and it has been applauded by many doctors and we hope to live up to their expectations”concludes the founder by emphasizing that this training does not concern aesthetics but focuses on the therapeutic path.



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