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the troika wants to be straight in its boots

The parties of the government majority held their fourth meeting since their inauguration on Thursday evening under the chairmanship of Aziz Akhannouch, Head of Government and President of the National Rally of Independents, Abdellatif Ouahbi, Secretary General of the Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM ) and Nizar Baraka, general secretary of the Istiqlal party.

This meeting was also held in the presence of ministers and heads of parliamentary groups of the parties of the government majority both in the House of Representatives and that of the councillors. Also taking part in this meeting according to the joint press release, the secretary general of the Democratic and Social Movement (MDS), Abdessamad Archane and Mohamed Joudar, secretary general of the Constitutional Union Party (UC).

The parties of the government majority reaffirmed their unanimity and their commitment to continue to work in perfect coherence to ensure the implementation of their government programs and reforms. Aziz Akhannouch, reviewing the various issues of the current situation, addressed the situation of the agricultural sector and the problem of water shortage, high prices of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides which contribute to the high cost of production.

He assured that the government with regard to the problem of water works to find a solution to this problem, whether in terms of desalination or transport. The parliamentary groups of the majority are coherent continued the president of the RNI, and “support the government unconditionally, accompany the pace of its programs and undertake to inform the citizens of the great efforts made by the Executive”.

For his part, Abdellatif Ouahbi underlined that the government majority “does it in harmony and it is stronger”. He added that “the government is moving forward and fully fulfilling its responsibilities to meet the aspirations of King Mohammed VI and the citizens”. He further indicated that “the majority meets regularly within the framework of consensus among its leaders”. The problems that arise are normal and are dealt with by unity and respect for the government program and the Majority Charter.

Nizar Baraka did not distance himself from this perspective and considered that the meeting was an opportunity to discuss between the different components of the government majority on the achievements and the reforms undertaken in order to respond to the problems raised at the national level and international. For the secretary general of Istiqlal, it is also an opportunity to reiterate respect for commitments made to citizens despite the constraints, climatic hazards and shocks resulting from international crises.

He recalled certain facts of the government such as that of having implemented the first part relating to the generalization of medical coverage within the framework of the social protection project launched by the King, indicating that it will be carried out, before the end of the current year, the implementation of the other component aimed at providing direct support to families in need.

On the other hand, the parties of the government coalition strongly condemned the practices of the Israeli forces against the Palestinians and the storming of the holy mosque of Al-Aqsa. The majority also praised the efforts of King Mohammed VI, Chairman of the Al-Quds Committee, to defend the Holy City of Al-Quds Al-Sharif, support Palestinian populations and institutions saving its civilizational heritage, its legal, religious and historical status and holy sites as well as the establishment of a fully sovereign and viable Palestinian state with Al-Quds al-Sharif as its capital. The government majority stressed that ” escalation would jeopardize all chances of establishing peace, security and stability in the region“.



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