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The training of the 20,000 called 2022 cost 940 MDH

The reinstatement of compulsory military service (SMO) was made in accordance with the directives of King Mohammed VI. A law project No. 44.18, relating to military service, was then adopted in plenary session at the House of Representatives on Wednesday, December 26 2018.

The law came into force in 2019 and had cost, according to the defense budget report for the start of military service, about 500 MDH. Four years later, and the passage of Dame Covid which disrupted this project, military service cost 940 million dirhams in 2022.

This is the cost of operations related to the 37th promotion of military service, announced Abdellatif Loudiyi, Minister Delegate to the Head of Government in charge of National Defense Administration. This for the reception and training of the 20,000 conscripts for the exercise.

The reinstatement of the SMO had been accompanied by a battery of measures aimed at training and qualifying enlisted personnel, to prepare them for military life, and later on for civilian life. In addition to purely military training, these young people received a qualification in humanitarian and social services, within the framework of operations carried out by the FAR, at the national and international levels, in particular peacekeeping. Training in the management of crisis situations and natural disasters had also been provided to them.

Abdellatif Loudiyi gave details of the direct expenses incurred in this operation. More specifically, this budget included the costs relating to the operation, salaries and allowances of the conscripts, indicated the minister. This budget was used, in addition to equipping and maintaining the preparation of the infrastructures of the training centers for conscripts, for the appointment of executives in charge of receiving conscripts. Thanks to this amount, the ministry also proceeded with the implementation of the training program for supervisors, the equipment of the units of the South zone for the upgrading of the training infrastructures of the conscripts and the equipment of special units. into educational tools.

The Minister explained to the members of the relevant committee in the House of Representatives that this operation, which started on May 16, 2022, was intended to train and train the young people called up with a view to providing them with the means to professional and social inclusion. The objective of the operation, recalled the Minister, was to train and train the young conscripts, with a view to offering them the means of professional and social inclusion.



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