The thousand and one fantasies of Sultana Khaya exposed in Spain

The more Sultana Khaya goes, the more her contradictions between words and deeds are disconnected between what she says and what she does. Between us, fed up with his diatribes where she expresses a deep “heartbreak” about the fruit of forty years, one could say, of a hard work of “treachery”, annihilated.

Sultana Khaya’s trip to the Canary Islands in early June reveals her lies about her alleged house arrest and alleged lack of freedom of movement, Spanish media Atalayar tells us.

All of her statements have been denied, not only by UN mandate holders, such as the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders, but also by herself. Thus, the photos of her wearing a military uniform and a Kalashnikov show that she cannot claim to be a human rights defender, let alone a peace activist. “, indicates the same source.

And putting this on the recurring propaganda carried out by the polisario in the Tindouf camps in Algeria, thanks in particular to the professional use of photographs and video recordings, situations of victimization are created, a modus operandi remunerated by monthly funding and granting of real estate.

The Spanish media recalled that Sultana Khaya, had presented on the Spanish channel Antena 3 November 18, 2018 photos of Palestinian children injured in attacks in Gaza posing as seriously injured Sahrawi children during the Gdim Izik events.

Filmed laughing as she left the same television set she has not finished laughing. We pass on to you the other facts of which she accuses the Kingdom of “rape and sexual assault” denied, moreover by her niece in audio recordings which have been shared on social media.

These same recordings reveal, without ambiguity, that she received instructions from members of the polisario to fabricate and maintain the false accusation of alleged sexual assault.

The investigation into these alleged facts underlines that the person in question has never filed a complaint for any rape committed against him, but rather lodges his allegations with the UN mechanisms.

In addition, Sultana Khaya who tries to present herself as a victim when she enjoys all her rights as a Moroccan citizen was able to demonstrate in her place of residence without any problem, specifies the article of the Spanish media Atalayar, to move between his home and his work, to recover his Moroccan passport, to pass the PCR tests which allow him to leave the national territory without being prevented from circulating freely, which contradicts his declarations.

And to ask questions, how can a separatist sympathizer openly hostile to Morocco apply for and obtain a Moroccan travel document and submit to all the administrative procedures to obtain a passport? How can a person who claims to have been raped refuse to be examined by a doctor made available to him by the CRDH of Laayoune, the national branch of the regional institution for the protection and promotion of human rights?

How can a person who claims to have suffered harm from an accident at the hands of an intoxicated truck driver driving a private company vehicle refuse to follow the steps of the investigation services to be heard on what she claims to have suffered? ” The two American citizens who met her at her home also accompanied her safely on her journey from the Sahara to Spain. So, one by one, Sultana Khaya’s lies fall apart “concludes the media.

Asked by MoroccoLatestNews FR about this, Mohamed Talib, member of the Royal Advisory Council for Saharan Affairs (CORCAS), told us a bit about the journey of this Moroccan woman who left for a simple love affair.

Everything said in the article is only the truth. Sultana Khaya had been approached when she was only a student at the University of Marrakech by the separatists and during a trip to Boumerdes where she fell in love with the boss of the Polisario mercenary office in Las Palmas. Since then she has been making perfect love with the man who uses it for his propaganda and that of his masters “.

Mohamed Talib will indicate that ” since Aminatou Haidar no longer does the business of the separatists, Sultana Khaya presents herself as the best alternative for the needs of polisario propaganda “.

Mohamed Talib will add: “ They therefore did not hesitate to use this puppet in the service not only of the henchmen of the credulous people of Tindouf but also and a priori, of the intelligence services of the PNA for purposes that everyone knows, namely to harm the interests of the Kingdom. “.

“Aminatou Haidar burnt, Khaya amply meets the needs of the DRS or the DSS, it’s like, it’s ready to take away and something salable to present for some Westerners who are fond of the matter as for a female representation of activism that this be these separatists, or others”.

But beyond this, Mohamed Talib will tell us again, pointing out the real problem. “IWe must see an internal crisis within the separatist government that these gentlemen of the Polisario are trying to conceal. Indeed we are currently witnessing an upheaval of the hierarchy within this movement in view of the events that have occurred recently at the command level. Certainly the current convulsions should mean a change in the thing and at the head and at the base of an agonizing movement“.



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