The “Tatwir – Startup” program begins its first phase

The “Tatwir – Startup” program, which aims to develop innovative, industrial and high value-added service projects led by startups, has recently started its first stage, announced the Moroccan Center for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship. (MCISE), program partner.

“The program thus got its start in Béni Mellal on September 10 through a 3-day hackathon in favor of 30 project idea carriers who were able to identify innovative and technological ideas responding to various issues in the region such as air pollution, the balance between higher education and employment, public transport and others ”, the Center said in a press release.

The Hackathons continued in Marrakech from September 17 to 19 and then in Fez from October 8 to 10, 2021 with the aim of selecting innovative project ideas that respond to local issues, adds MCISE.

“Faithful to its vision of deploying its incubation and inspiration activities for entrepreneurship in all regions of Morocco, MCISE has chosen to develop the first stage of the Tatwir-Startup program in the 3 cities of Béni Mellal, Marrakech and Fez, in the form of Ideation Hackathons ”, underlines the press release.

“Launched by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Green and Digital Economy, this program is deployed by Agence Maroc PME in partnership with the Federation of the Startup Ecosystem of Morocco (MSEC) and MCISE”, recalls the same source.

The facilitators firstly encourage the participants to identify the potential as well as the industrial problems at the level of their region or at the national level, by developing a spirit of innovation and “solution oriented” allowing future entrepreneurs to identify and propose ideas for industrial start-up projects or industry-related services adapted to the local, regional and even national context.

Quoted in the press release, MCISE’s Director of Operations, Zahra Nafaa said that “The Tatwir-Startup program is a real opportunity not only for project leaders in the industrial field, but also for the economic development of the regions. The program is ambitious and we believe that it will give a real boost to the industrial sector and to job creation ”.

As part of this program, MCISE, aims to support 450 startup projects in order to bring out 50 industrial startups by 2023 with industrialization support for the selected projects and support for 30% of the program. tangible and intangible investment.

Tatwir-startup is an integrated offer which aims to develop innovative, industrial projects or high added value services related to industry, carried by project leaders from startups with high growth potential allowing the development of Made in Morocco and import substitution and which will be developed by MCISE, as an actor in the ecosystem of entrepreneurship in Morocco.

This involves setting up 2 components: pre-incubation and incubation aimed at supporting project leaders throughout the chain from pre-creation to the actual creation of the company. Tatwir-Startup is part of the deployment of the Industrial Recovery Plan 2021-2023 which counts among its strategic axes the development of industrial entrepreneurship and the emergence of a new generation of Moroccan industrialists. It aims to develop innovative, industrial and high value-added service projects led by startups.



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