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The Superior Council of Ulemas denounces the film “La Dame du paradis”

In a statement released on Saturday, the Superior Council of Ulemas, chaired by King Mohammed VI, expressed its strong condemnation of the content of a recently produced film titled “La Dame du Paradis” (“The Lady of Heaven”).

This film is criticized for “attacking the feelings of Muslims.” ” The Superior Council of Ulemas, which is honored by the presidency of the Commander of the Faithful, His Majesty King Mohammed VI, grandson of the Prophet, expresses its firm condemnation of the content of this sinister production, and its categorical rejection of the flagrant falsification of established facts of Islamic history. This falsification which offends Islam and Muslims and which is rejected by all peoples“, says the press release.

The film, whose screenplay is written by controversial Shiite preacher based in the UK, Yasser Al Habib, and directed by Eli King, was released in theaters in the UK on Friday, it is presented as the first to tackle the story of Fatima Zahra, daughter of the holy prophet Muhammad from a Shia point of view. The release of the film sparked heated controversy in the UK, with hundreds of Sunni Muslims denouncing the film for the disrespectful image it gives to Islamic figures.

According to The Guardian newspaper, Muslims also protested outside Cineworld theaters in several cities, calling the film “blasphemous”. In addition, the British channel Cineworld said Tuesday that it had deprogrammed the film in the United Kingdom, after demonstrations.

Due to recent incidents related to screenings of ‘The Lady of Heaven’, we have decided to cancel upcoming nationwide screenings of the film to ensure the safety of our crews and customers.“said a spokesperson for the group.




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