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The stubbornness of the parliamentarian to participate in the Ibero-American Summit, a cover for its failure

The Polisario Front, with the support of the Colombian President, Gustavo Petro, claimed “its right” to be part of the Ibero-American Summit, by filing a request to participate as an observer member.

The so-called “Sahrawi ambassador in charge of Latin America and the Caribbean” in the Polisario, Mohamed Azrouk, confirmed in an interview with Europa Press that the Front will ask to participate as an observer country in the Ibero-American Summit after the Colombian President, Gustavo Petro, suggested that “Tindouf” be part of this meeting.

Azrouk said that the Polisario Front had received the Colombian President’s proposal to join the Ibero-American Summit as an observer with “much satisfaction and appreciation“, adding that”the Front thanks him“. The Polisario official also expressed his regrets for the reaction of the Spanish government which firmly refused their participation.

We would like to express our full agreement and our immediate desire to join the Ibero-American space“, he said in a letter to the Colombian president.

Political scientist and international affairs adviser, Hicham Mouatadid, explained that the separatist militia’s request for observer status at the Ibero-American Summit comes amid the complete and resounding collapse of its thesis at the international level, and the decline of the shares of its political ideology in the international community.

Mouatadid added, in a statement to MoroccoLatestNews, that the front tries to look for false exits in order to find platforms for political emergence.

He let it be known that the Polisario leadership is trying to penetrate the Ibero-American summit through some of the few supporters of his rejected thesis, which lacks any legitimacy or historical credibility, and this is what pushed him to resort to Colombia in order to activate his vision.

The expert indicated that this new setback, which comes on the eve of the briefing of the UN envoy to the Moroccan Sahara on this “fabricated conflict, constitutes a new sign by the components of the international community of the end of the imaginary thesiswhich the militia is trying to market through various regional and international platforms.

For Mouatadid, the Spanish refusal of Polisario observer status at the Ibero-American summit reinforces the Moroccan position and the fairness of its cause regarding this regional dispute, especially since the Spanish authorities justified their refusal by saying that it is essential that the State be recognized in order to obtain observer status at the Ibero-American summit.

He went on to point out that this justification is a major and new setback for the Polisario thesis, especially since Spain bears the “status of the former colonizer of the conflict zone“.

The failed policy of the Polisario leadership, which is based on the strategy of circumstantial breakthroughs in order to seek political legitimacy or with the aim of obstructing the settlement process led by the United Nations, is a criminal policy against the residents of the camps and the Maghreb region“, he concluded.

It should be noted that to obtain observer status, the 22 countries that currently make up the Ibero-American Summit would have to approve the request unanimously.



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