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The struggle continues, 250 families evacuated

Efforts are continuing on the ground, this Friday, July 15, to control the fire declared in the Bab Azhar forest. The response operations made it possible to avoid human losses, by evacuating 250 families from this area, who were relocated to safe places.

Twelve (12) tank trucks, two Canadair aircraft specializing in firefighting are deployed, and 12 ambulances mobilized to control the fire in the town of Smià.

According to local authorities in the province, the fires, whose outbreak was favored by high temperatures and strong winds, ravaged more than 100 hectares (provisional assessment) of the forest cover composed mainly of conifers and secondary plant types.

The nature of the terrain in this area also made it even more difficult for the intervention teams to bring the fire under control.

Teams made up of hundreds of members of the Royal Armed Forces, the Royal Gendarmerie, Civil Protection, auxiliary forces and elements of the National Agency for Water and Forests and local authorities, supported by technical land and aerials, are still continuing their efforts to put out the fire.




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