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The strike suspended after an agreement with the government

The strike movement initially planned for this week by air traffic controllers is now suspended. Government spokesman Mustapha Baitas has just confirmed that the unified national office of air traffic controllers, under the Democratic Confederation of Labour, and the Ministry of Economic Inclusion, finally reached an agreement ending the protests.

Air traffic controllers have been threatening to carry out strikes for several months and to stop providing their services at all airports in the Kingdom due to the refusal of the National Airports Office (ONDA) to apply the terms of the agreement signed in 2019 which was to allow them to see their salaries revalued.

However, after a meeting and negotiations that lasted about 15 hours at the headquarters of the Ministry of Economic Inclusion under Minister Younes Sekkouri, the two parties reached an agreement canceling the strike that was planned from 23 December.

According to Baitas, the meeting which was attended by Minister Younes Sekkouri, representing the executive in this social dialogue, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Transport and the Director General of ONDA, as well as representatives of the office affiliated to the CDT , has made it possible, after long hours of talks, to find a social peace agreement, lasting three years, responding to the demands of air traffic controllers who have been expressing their protest for more than three months.

Recall that the air traffic controllers came forward with the aim of establishing the “salary revaluation bonus”, a clause which appeared in the agreement signed with the previous director general of ONDA, Mohamed Zouhair El Oufir, in 2019, whose application has been delayed by the advent of the pandemic crisis.

The question of the bonus was again discussed in October, however, the representative office received no follow-up to the request, the reason for which the CDT had decided to launch the call for a strike.



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