the State condemned for having put people in police custody

the State condemned for having put people in police custody

The Lille administrative court ordered, on Friday, the Keeper of the Seals and the Lille public prosecutor’s office to erase personal data from a file listing those held in custody during the demonstrations against the very controversial pension reform, reports the press of Lille. ‘hexagon.

Representatives of the Ministry of Justice had acknowledged, Monday in court, the existence of this file at the Lille prosecutor’s office, according to the media, adding that this Excel table details the names, first names, dates of birth of people placed in custody. seen during the demonstrations, and the criminal consequences given.

The court had been seized in summary proceedings by the Association for the Defense of Constitutional Liberties (Adelico), the Syndicate of Lawyers of France (SAF) and the Human Rights League (LDH), on the basis of an article by press denouncing the constitution of such a file.

According to the Ministry of Justice, this file is authorized by the decree governing the Cassiopée database, which brings together in secure software the data of defendants, victims or witnesses of legal proceedings over the past ten years.

The Excel spreadsheet contains “no other information” than that authorized in this database, said a representative of the ministry, quoted by the media. However, the prosecutors “have allowed themselves to add a major fact: a political opinion”, all these people having protested against the reform, objected Jean-Baptiste Soufron, lawyer for Adelico and SAF. “It is not authorized” and “it amounts to filing political opponents”, he castigated.

“If the goal is only statistical, why keep identifying data, and not be satisfied with a survey number”, for his part, put forward the lawyer of the LDH, Marion Ogier.

According to her, a few dozen people have potentially been on file, 50 to 100 arrests having taken place in the jurisdiction of Lille since March 17, the date on which the file was created after a hardening of the mobilization after the use of the weapon. constitutional 49-3.

Since the start of the protest movement against the pension reform in January, hundreds of thousands of French people have marched over several weeks in demonstrations, sometimes punctuated by clashes and police violence, which are denounced in particular by human rights NGOs. humans.


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