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the spiritual, a playing card

If the month of Ramadan falls this year in the middle of the high tourist season, this is far from constituting a brake on the revitalizing dynamics recorded by this activity which is already starting under good auspices.

Beyond its religious aspect, the holy month of Ramadan offers an exceptional atmosphere to travelers wishing to take advantage of it to discover another atmosphere and a spiritual aspect of Morocco.

In search of spirituality, these national or foreign tourists are more and more seduced by new parameters such as self-discovery, the conquest of well-being, or even the strengthening of the mind.

The choice of Morocco as a destination attracting travelers from all over the world in search of meditation is no coincidence. In terms of assets, spiritual tourism in the Kingdom during the month of Ramadan is driven by a structured offer and diversified products that meet expectations.

Among the country’s potential for the promotion of this tourist niche is the fact that Morocco is often given as an example at the world level for the cohabitation of religions for centuries, as well as its reputation as a land of peace, tolerance and religious coexistence. and spiritual.

The desert, the mountains, the oases, the beaches and the purifying thermal springs are all places conducive to peace of mind and soul, contemplative walks, meditation and introspection. However, the offer must be structured and well designed in order to meet international comfort standards.

For their part, operators in the tourism sector, who are rather optimistic in terms of arrivals, are betting a lot on this period conducive to the discovery of local traditions and rituals offered to tourists, which offer a unique experience allowing them to discover the Kingdom in a different way.

For these professionals, the mission during this period is to make this month an asset capable of maintaining the same level of performance achieved last year, or even improving it.

To maintain the growing pace of tourist receipts, it is necessary to bet on all its potential, by structuring and diversifying the offer and adapting it to international quality and hygiene standards to attract more.

Thus, in addition to the spiritual side, the professionals offer throughout this month, a diversified program for all tastes, offering special shows combining celebration, spiritual music and humor.

The craze for night outings is also very real and the offer is quite varied, which pushes the organizers to be creative in order to stand out. Bazaars, exhibitions and parades of traditional clothes are also very popular.

There is also an interest in institutional events such as organized ftours, as well as meetings that take place before dusk and end with an iftar. A boon for event professionals who suffer from a break for congresses, seminars and trade fairs during this month.

That said, this sacred month has nothing to envy to other tourist seasons, because if life does not resume vigor until the breaking of the fast, the singular Ramadan folklore has always been able to attract the followers of this segment.

One of the vital needs of the new way of life is closely linked to well-being and good physical and mental health, which are increasingly sought after and acclaimed, especially in the tourism sector.

Morocco, land of peace and conviviality, has a good card to play in this direction. Taking advantage of its fabulous cultural potential and its sacred heritage, the Kingdom could set itself up as one of the best destinations for spiritual tourism in the world.



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