The Spanish textile sector exploded in 2022 thanks to Morocco

The Spanish textile sector managed to resume all its pre-covid activity and even set the “best record in its history” in 2022. This record gains for the Spanish textile sector were mainly driven by Morocco.

After the coronavirus pandemic which impacted everyone and particularly international trade, the textile sector and its export were logically hard hit.

But thanks to the new roadmap signed between Morocco and Spain last spring, the Spanish textile sector has exploded, signing its best turnover ever recorded.

Not only did the sector succeed in its post-covid economic recovery, but also overcame the Ukrainian crisis in 2022, registering +10% of its turnover compared to the levels of the previous financial year.

The sector has thus gone from 5,796 million euros in turnover in 2019, i.e. a year before the pandemic, to reach 6,651 million euros, thanks to the increase in exports to Morocco, its first customer.

“Although 2022 was a year marked by great difficulties due, among other things, to the increase in energy prices, (…) the statistical data compiled by the Textile and Clothing Information Center show clear and solid progress for the Spanish textile industry,” said the Confederation of the Spanish Textile Industry, Texfor.

The Spanish Confederation relied on statistics from the Textile and Clothing Information Center (CITYC) provided by several institutions and customs figures which sign a “clear post-pandemic recovery”.

And it is largely thanks to Morocco that the Spanish textile industry was able to be saved and reach this historic level by being its first customer. Data on exports of Spanish textile products to Morocco show increases at all levels.

Spain mainly exported fabrics with 32.1% of its total exports, followed by articles for technical use, such as sanitary products, filters and protective fabrics (24.1%), home textiles and other manufactured goods (15.9%), yarns (11%), knitted fabrics (7.2%), fibers (6.8%) and carpets and coverings (2.9%) )

These sales totaled 4,982 million euros, according to the Spanish site fashionunited, which explained this upward trend in exports to Morocco in 2022, which increased its imports by 22.5% during this past year, ahead of France. (11.6%), Italy (9%), Portugal (8%), Germany (7.4%), Belgium (4.2%), United Kingdom (2.8%) ), Poland (2.6%), the United States (2%) and Turkey (2%).


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