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the Shura Council in Saudi Arabia seals MoUs with the 2 houses of parliament

The President of the Saudi Shura Council, Abdullah Ibn Muhammad Al Ash-Sheikh, visiting the Kingdom, signed memorandums of understanding with the presidents of the two chambers of the Moroccan Parliament, who want to be frameworks for cooperation and ongoing interaction between these three legislative institutions.

The first MoU, signed with the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rachid Talbi Alami, provides for the establishment of a mechanism for the exchange of annual visits, the promotion of the exchange of visits by parliamentary delegations, the creation of groups joint working sessions and the consolidation of relations between the members of the two institutions, in order to address parliamentary issues and aspects of mutual interest.

While proposing a mechanism for the exchange of expertise and parliamentary studies, and with the aim of supporting the interests of the two countries, the memorandum emphasizes the importance of communication and the extension of lasting ties. between the two institutions through the intensification of bilateral cooperation, the exchange of views, coordination and regular dialogue, at the levels of the Presidency, the General Secretariat and the working groups, as well as within the regional and international parliamentary forums.

With regard to the areas in question, the memorandum covers security affairs, the fight against terrorism and extremism, geostrategic, cultural, economic, commercial, climatic and religious developments, as well as in matters of investment, food security, development of human rights, scientific research and technological advances.

The two presidents thus agreed to encourage technological and scientific innovation, to improve information and communication technologies, to work together to advance “e-parliamentary” action and to cooperate to develop the skills of parliamentarians and human resources.

They also agreed to jointly organize conferences, seminars and symposia, the purpose of which relates to the promulgation of laws, assistance to parliamentarians in matters of legislation, parliamentary research and analysis, the promotion of the participation of women and the development of technical skills of parliamentarians and staff.

Cooperation between the two institutions also includes other areas related to parliamentary action and legislation, such as parliamentary services, general research and the exchange of expertise in the field of studies, data and parliamentary information.

Abdullah Ibn Muhammad Al Ash-Sheikh also signed a memorandum of understanding with the Speaker of the House of Councilors, Naama Mayara, with the aim of fostering close cooperation and permanent responsiveness between the two legislative institutions.

A statement from the second chamber reports that the signing of this memorandum of understanding, in the presence of and Dr. Abdellah Bin Mohamed Al Sheikh, President of the Shura Council of Saudi Arabia, is motivated by the desire of both parties to consolidate solid and friendly relations, but also of the fact that parliamentary responsiveness in areas of common interest helps to promote mutual trust and understanding while broadening the fields of cooperation.

This text concerns the promotion of visits by parliamentary delegations between the two parties as well as the reactivation of the action of parliamentary friendship committees by encouraging their members to pay more attention to parliamentary aspects of common interest, in addition to the proposal relating to the establishment of a mechanism dedicated to the exchange of expertise and parliamentary studies.

Added to this is the ongoing cooperation and dialogue between the two institutions in areas relating to security, the fight against terrorism and extremism, as well as the monitoring of geo-strategic developments, especially in the Middle East and North Africa, in addition to areas concerning the cultural, religious and economic fields or even investments, food security and the fight against climate change, according to the same source.

This memorandum of understanding was signed following talks between the Speaker of the House of Councilors and his Saudi counterpart, talks during which both parties welcomed the excellent relations between the two Kingdoms and which are based on cooperation and mutual respect.

The two parties also noted that relations between Morocco and Saudi Arabia draw their strength from the solidity of the fraternal ties between King Mohammed VI and the Custodian of the Holy Places, King Salman Bin Abdelaziz Al Saud, and between the peoples Moroccan and Saudi brothers.




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