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the show off stay of the Azaitars in Paris

Hardly had they set foot on French soil on the evening of Wednesday June 1, when Abu Bakr, Khalid, Omar and Ottman Azaitar stuck to their favorite activity: telling us about their lives on social networks. Whether they are in Morocco, the United States, Germany, Gabon, or France, they never tire of giving meaning to Irish philosopher George Berkeley’s maxim: Esse est percipi, “to be is to be.” perceived “.

As soon as they woke up this Wednesday in Paris, there they were walking the streets of the 16th arrondissement, seized with the mantra of “every story” to spread their “activities” on their social networks and thus show, to those who did not know, that their presence in France coincides with that of King Mohammed VI, which the weekly “Jeune Afrique” echoed, specifying that the monarch is on a “private” visit there.

Shopping time and VIP lounge

Abu Bakr, who must think that no one will recognize where he is, shows us that he is in the premises of the famous Italian fashion house Gucci, whose private lounge overlooks Franklin Roosevelt Avenue. A lover of luxury brands whose articles are abundantly adorned with logos, he will not fail to make a stopover at the fashion designers and leather goods shops of the avenues Montaigne and Champs Elysées, including Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton, two brands that he and his brothers are very fond of. particularly.

Abu Bakr’s older brother, Khalid, also posted a photo of him in the same place with the comment “gratitude”, without specifying to whom he is giving his gratitude. A private message by interposed social networks for which only the recipient will recognize themselves.

They run, they run the Azaitar

Ottman, the youngest of the siblings, bravely shows us, during a night jog he shares with Abu Bakr, the last pair of sneakers he bought. They are supposed to be the sportsmen of the family, MMA champions who we see training here and there in their stories, without any date being set for a next fight.

It is true that after having been literally beaten and humiliated by the Canadian Marc-André Barriault on March 28, 2021, we can understand that Abu Bakr is afraid of undergoing a new humiliation by going back to the ring. So to deceive him and his brother run. They run, they still run, they still run.

Omar, a bad guy at Five Guys

Omar Azaitar, Abu Bakr’s twin, eats as usual. As he doesn’t seem to get tired of burgers, it’s only natural that he films himself at “Five Guys”, the famous American brand which has one of its largest points of sale on the Avenue des Champs Élysées.

The menu he shows us in the story posted on Tik Tok must cost around 22 euros. He swallows it greedily, his wrist clearly visible so that we don’t miss a millimeter of the watch he proudly wears: a Richard Mille.

The “Royal Burger” fast food restaurant, which the siblings inaugurated in the Salé marina, would have to sell no less than 57,582 menus at 95 dirhams to buy such a watch.

A limited edition, presumably, knowing that the classics are overpriced. Richard Mille is fine watchmaking intended for a limited number of enthusiasts, including kings. It is a brand known around the world for its innovative and, most of the time, extravagant and extremely expensive pieces.

In 20 years, more than 80 models in ultra-limited quantities have emerged from the luxury watchmaker with watches for men and women whose price can reach more than 1.2 million euros.

A watch that would finance between 2,073 and 2,882 monthly salaries

This model, which donut and burger seller Omar Azaitar wants us to admire, is the RM 65 01, the price of which varies from €517,169 (5,470,359 dirhams) to €719,000 (7,604,131 dirhams). A small fortune for which some would have no qualms about falling into populism to find that the Richard Mille, which seems to be the pride of Abu Bakr’s twin, would finance between 2,073 and 2,882 months’ salary knowing that, excluding the sector agriculture, the minimum wage is 2,638 dirhams in Morocco.

“Dignity belongs to those who are satisfied with what they have and misery to those whose greed is insatiable”, said the Iranian philosopher Ostad Elahi.

You don’t have to think very long to know which category the Azaitar brothers belong to.




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