the “sheep hotels” mark their return

the “sheep hotels” mark their return

Shops, garages, warehouses, tents fitted out for the occasion… the “hotels for sheep” mark their return as Eid Al-Adha approaches and continue to seduce the majority of Moroccans who choose to place their animals there. to sacrifice.

Like sharpening knives, the occasional sale of coal, cattle fodder, braziers and tajines, the collection of sheep skins, the cutting of meat and other related trades, these “hotels” offer young people an opportunity to generate additional income, allowing them to afford some small hobbies.

They are, moreover, the best solution for those who live in cramped houses or apartments, those who seek to preserve the cleanliness of their accommodation or who find it difficult to feed and maintain the sheep until the day of sacrifice.

“We live in a small apartment with a living room and two bedrooms. It is not possible for us to keep the sheep until the day of the sacrifice. We place it, therefore, each year in a sheep hotel and help, at the same time, these young people who keep them, who are moreover our neighbors and whom we trust, ”confides to MAP Adil, 49 years old and father of two children.

For her part, Meriem (35 years old), indicates that she has taken the habit, for 6 years, of placing her sheep in a garage fitted out by one of the neighbors for the occasion, stressing that she has not no more having to put up with the smell of sheep, or worrying about cleaning up the waste.

Amin, father of three children, underlines in turn the importance of these places which have become the first choice of the inhabitants of his district, regretting, in this respect, that the children no longer manage to enjoy the joy of the ‘Eid by spending more time with the sheep before the day of the sacrifice, as was the case before.

Far from the opinions of the inhabitants, the providers of this ephemeral service also have their say. Responsibility and credibility being the main values ​​required, this job remains one of the most difficult to exercise during this period, against a counterpart oscillating between 20 and 50 dirhams for the night.

“Accommodation, food, maintenance and security of the sheep, are all offered as part of this job that I exercise in this district, more than 7 years ago, each year at the approach of Eid, for a counterpart of 30 DH per night”, says Ali, noting that he continues to exercise this profession with great pleasure, despite his counterpart compared to the effort provided.

Offering the same service a few meters away, Mohamed declares, for his part, that it is a difficult job given the responsibility he incurs.

This year, the overall national supply of animals for Eid Al-Adha (estimated at 7.8 million heads) is sufficient and largely covers demand (5.6 million heads), assured the Ministry of Agriculture. Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests, noting that nationally, 214,000 fattening units and farms preparing small ruminants for Eid have been registered.

Also, the health situation of national livestock intended for slaughter for the sacrifice of Eid Al-Adha remains satisfactory, and health monitoring and surveillance are provided throughout the national territory by the veterinary services of the Office National Food Safety Authority (ONSSA) in close collaboration with private veterinarians and local authorities.

With regard to support for animal marketing logistics, the Ministry of Agriculture, in collaboration with regional and provincial authorities, will strengthen infrastructure through the installation of 34 temporary souks specifically dedicated to the sale of animals intended for at Eid in the different regions of the Kingdom according to the need and the request of the provinces.


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