The SGG works to diversify languages ​​in the translation of legal texts

The SGG works to diversify languages ​​in the translation of legal texts

The General Secretariat of the Government (SGG) undertakes to put an end to the predominance of the French language in the translation of legal texts. In the near future, it plans to publish the Official Bulletin (BO) in the Amazigh language, followed later by a translation bulletin in English and Spanish.

Mohamed Bouhlal, legal adviser at the General Secretariat of the Government (SGG), pointed out during a press conference on access to the law, during the International Publishing and Book Fair (SIEL), that the creation of a general bulletin in the Amazigh language for the Official Bulletin is a priority. This document must be as credible and valuable as its equivalent in Arabic, in accordance with the deadlines set by the organic law.

The official, in this sense, explained that until now the publications of the Official Bulletin have been limited to the General Bulletin and the Official Translation Bulletin, but now it is necessary to respond to the provisions of Article 5 of the Constitution. This text, he specified, recognizes Amazigh as an official language of the State, and a heritage common to all Moroccans, as well as the organic law relating to the implementation of the official character of Amazigh also supports this recognition.

The SGG also plans to create official translation bulletins in English and Spanish, in addition to the bulletin in French, Mohamed Bouhlal further underlined, noting that this approach is in accordance with Article 5 of the Constitution, which insists on the need to reconcile language policy and national culture, and to master the most commonly used foreign languages ​​in the world.

While highlighting the importance of knowing the law and ensuring access to it through modern technologies, the adviser within the SGG confirmed that the publications of the Official Bulletin will soon be available in Amazigh, English and in Spanish, in order to promote openness to different cultures and languages.

Bouhlal also insisted on the fact that Amazigh is a constitutional language in the same way as Arabic, noting that the General Secretariat of the Government has been working for several months to implement the official character of Amazigh, by mobilizing teachers and legal experts fluent in the Amazigh language.

In this sense, the SGG plans to strengthen its human resources by opening its doors to graduates of the King Fahd Higher School of Translation and institutions that teach Amazigh, as well as people fluent in Arabic and Amazigh.

In addition, he continued, one of the priorities of the SGG is to facilitate access to legislation via its website. In this regard, he plans to simplify the interface of the site, improve the search engine for quick consultation of information and develop the site to include the Amazigh, English and Spanish languages.

Finally, said the legal adviser, the SGG is working on the creation of a special section on its website dedicated to the publication of updated texts, and which will be managed by an updating committee in charge of consolidating, revising and proofread the texts, in order to ensure the accuracy of each change, addition or correction in the published consolidated version.


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