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The “Sabot” is all the rage in the streets of Casablanca

The Casablanca community is preparing to extend parking areas in several provincial streets by adopting the “Sabot”.

The Casablanca community has suspended the issuance of car guarding licenses to a certain number of people carrying out this activity, pending the identification of the places where the blue axes can be used.

By widening the adoption of the “Sabot”, Casablanca seeks to reduce the chaos caused by certain car guards, in addition to increasing the group’s financial income, but it will leave some parking spaces to be exploited by those who come from vulnerable social groups, including people with disabilities.

The question of the “hoof” raises a legal debate. In fact, several cases related to the parking of cars have reached the administrative justice, which has judged in some of them the illegality of installing and minding cars against the payment of a fee or a fee in the absence of any explicit legal text that allows it.

Mohamed Almo, a lawyer at the Rabat bar, confirmed that collective councils do not have the right to rent parking spaces to others, whether empty spaces, corridors or sidewalks in the streets and alleys, explaining that “this procedure leads to the imposition of fees on individuals to park their car, which constitutes an era of new financial costs for citizens outside of any legal text that allows it, given that this matter falls within the competence of the legislative power “.

The same attorney pointed out, in a statement to MoroccoLatestNews, that “there is no legal text issued by the legislative institution that obliges individuals to pay such financial charges, which means that this process is covered free of charge”.

Almo added that the local group “has no right to make new financial allocations to citizens that are not stipulated in the relevant laws and regulations, and its role remains specific in determining the price of fees for costs previously approved by legal texts”.

Casablanca is known for its widespread resentment of the parking chaos, especially since the proliferation of guards who control most streets and impose fees that often exceed the parking price set by the group.




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